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Our New Year’s Dozen

Take a look at where you COULD have spent New Year this year (food for thought for 2013…..):

Watching the famous leg-rowing fishermen of Inle Lake on Best of Burma
Wandering the incredible ruins at Angkor Wat in Cambodia on Angkor Trails
Sailing on Halong Bay on Vietnam Express Southbound
Chilling on the tropical beaches of Kota Kinabalu having summitted Mt Kinabalu on Best of Borneo
On an overnight camel safari on Rajasthan Adventure
Beneath Mount Everest on Everest Base Camp
At 3700m (!) on the ‘Roof of Africa’ on Serengeti  & Kilimanjaro
Trekking to see the Mountain Gorillas on Gorillas, Chimps & Game Parks
Walking through the magical siq into Petra on A Week in Jordan
Wildlife-spotting amongst the waterways of Tortuguero National Park on Classic Costa Rica
Exploring Machu Picchu on Peru Encompassed
Discovering the ‘End of the World’ in Ushuaia on Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego


Christmas holidays

Spent Christmas at home this year and now fancy getting away next Christmas?!!!  Here are some ideas for Christmas Day 2013…

Wandering amongst the temples of Bagan in Burma on Best of Burma

Viewing the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an on Legends of China

Staying at a former Rajasthani royal residence on Classic Rajasthan

Riding camels to a Sahara Desert camp on South Morocco Discovery

Spotting the Big Five on a Serengeti safari on Road to Zanzibar

Downing rum mojitos in Havana on Complete Cuba

Soaking in thermal baths beneath Machu Picchu on Majestic Peru 

If these ideas get you thinking then check out the search facility on our home page to find other adventure tours running over Christmas 2013 including some exciting NEW trips!


Spend the end of the world with us!

If the Mayans are right and the end of the world is nigh then it is high time you booked your next adventure holiday.  How about checking out our tours to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala (including the NEW Mayan Quest  – a ‘Plus’ style tour visiting the Mayan sites of Chichen Itza and Palenque) and seeing what all this Mayan prophecy fuss is all about….

Adventure tours to Mexico

Advenure tours to Belize

Adventure tours to Guatemala

See all our Central American tours


Over two decades in adventure travel

So twenty years ago today the first ever text message was sent.  How communication has come on since then with 150 billion texts being sent each year in the UK alone plus tweets and facebook postings etc…..

It is the same in the travel industry.  Twenty-one years ago Imaginative Traveller started running tours through the Middle East.  Today we see many of our original destinations such as Syria and Lebanon off limits (temporarily we hope) yet places such as Sierra Leone, Burma and El Salvador, once considered no-go zones, now feature in our new brochure (with you shortly!). Even Kashmir is back (watch this space for a firsthand trip report from here).


NEW Burma trips

Burma really is the buzz word at the moment.  Even just a year ago who would have thought that Radio 2 would be broadcasting live from Rangoon and that Burma would have become Imaginative Traveller’s most popular destination with most of our small group adventure tours here selling out months in advance.


Calling all active families!

Having just returned from a weekend scrambling in Snowdonia (threw my first snowball of the season!) I was delighted to see how many youngsters were out hiking with their families especially considering the conditions and relative height of the mountain.  It is always good to see children getting active outside rather than obsessing over downloads and computer games.  Enjoying our world to the full could be an Imaginative Traveller motto and our family tours certainly make the most of the huge amount of activities and experiences families can enjoy around the world.

So if you have returned from half term with a renewed zest for booking your next trip and riding a camel in the Moroccan Sahara, biking through rice terraces in China, snorkelling with sea turtles in Borneo, swinging through the jungle in Costa Rica, white-water rafting in Peru or going tracking with the bushmen in Namibia appeals to you and your brood then take a look at our family adventure holidays.



Wanderlust Guide of the Year

Everyone at Imaginative Traveller would like to wish Luca Alfatti, guide at
our sister company Dragoman, all the best for the Wanderlust Guide of the Year

From over 1000 nominations (as voted for by the public), it
has now been whittled down to the final Fab Four. The winner will be chosen by
judges including Bill Bryson and Kate Humble at a prestigious ceremony at the
Royal Geographical Society in London
this Thursday.

Luca is one of Dragoman’s longest-serving crew members and has driven up and down
South America, Africa, India,
and from London to Beijing and back again. He even inspired one
of his own clients to go on to become a Dragoman driver. His supporters loved
his enthusiasm, his seemingly unlimited knowledge (“from history, politics, to
where to find the best local kebab”), and his determination to add special and
unique experiences to his tours – “A one-man Lonely Planet” to quote one

Congratulations to Luca and Dragoman whatever the outcome as this is a great honour for both of
them.  Dragoman seem to be making a habit
of this as last year one of their other guides, Gaetano Barone, close friend of
Luca’s and fellow Italian, came second.

Enjoy the awards ceremony Luca and good luck!


Two wheels good, four wheels bad

So the Tour of Britain kicked off in Imaginative Traveller’s home town of Ipswich yesterday.  It was great to see the crowds out on a Sunday morning supporting ‘Wiggo’, Mark Cavendish and others.  It was also great to see how many people were getting involved in the fun ride afterwards (notably for the most part without helmets) and it just goes to show how London 2012 and big sporting events like the Tour de France are inspiring people to get out there and participate in sport themselves.

But why stop there?  Fantastic to be out on two wheels rather than slumped inside on the sofa but how about spreading your horizons?  One day you could be biking along the local towpath to a nearby pub, a few days later you could be cycling through the dramatic limestone scenery around Yangshuo in China, whooping downhill in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru or taking to two wheels around the hippo-filled Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

In the words of Sir Chris Hoy – “The Sky’s the limit”!!!


Inland China

Amazon & Incas

Best of East Africa



New airport at Cusco

So Peru has announced that it is going to build a larger airport near Cusco to boost tourism to the area – and the inevitable furore followed with concerns about the impact higher numbers of visitors would have on conservation.

Well there are always two sides to every story – yes it is right to be concerned about the effect tourists are having on the fragile site of Machu Picchu, Peru’s main tourist attraction but the government has actually shown over the past years that they too are aware of this, putting in place various restrictions on numbers to both the site and the Inca Trail.  The much talked about cable car project to the site has never transpired and anyway, who are we as outsiders to try to control the livelihoods of local people in much need of a boost to the economy?

It is all too easy to criticise what we perceive as taking away the remoteness of certain places – building roads high into the mountains which were once only accessible to trekkers spoils the traveller’s experience of a place for example, but also provides much needed access to the local people.

In Peru adventure travellers can still take the exciting overland option across the high altiplano to Cusco, enjoy a trek through the Andes following one of the many ancient Inca trails and arrive at Machu Picchu in awe of their surroundings whilst those who are less disposed to travel in such a fashion can arrive by plane, train and bus to the same site – and still be in awe.  With careful monitoring of numbers, conservation worries can be allayed and thus more people can enjoy this mystical mountain citadel.

See our holidays to Peru


Let the Games begin!

Had some fun looking up some of the demonstration sports from past Olympics – can you imagine gliding, skijoring (skiing behind a horse), ski ballet and military patrol ever making it into the regular games?!!!

Here are some others plus links to our trips where you may be able to actually watch them in action….

Budo – a martial art still practised in Japan.  Try Land of the Rising Sun

Glima – a form of folk wrestling from Iceland.  Try The Wilds of Iceland

Finnish Baseball – yup, from Finland.  Try Baltic Experience

Ballooning – up, up and away in many countries but most notably in Tanzania.  Try it on Serengeti Trail