Journeys of freedom & discovery. Travelling in purpose-built trucks or 4x4s you’ll see all the highlights but also get far off the beaten track. Led by a professional crew or driver, groups consist of up to 22 adventurous passengers enjoying a real hands on experience.

These are active trips - there is lots to see and do along the way. You may be trekking our unique Community Inca Trail in Peru or taking a 3 day canoe safari along the Zambezi.  There will be days of long drives, but then there is plenty of time to get off the truck and to explore. Typical activities include horseriding, hiking, rafting, biking; you name it we do it somewhere in the world.

On an overland trip you're more than just a passenger, you're part of the crew, and everyone gets involved with setting up camp, food shopping and being part of cook groups. There are also a number of other responsibilities that are part of the overlanding lifestyle, for example collecting water and firewood, loading luggage into the lockers and helping to keep the truck clean and tidy. 

Our tours are designed to offer freedom and flexibility, so there's a general route to follow but it's very much a 'day by day' affair rather than a strict hour-by-hour itinerary. Our vehicles allow us to get off the tarmac road and to travel the road less travelled.  We take the scenic journey across the high Bolivian Altiplano to Argentina rather than the main highway or if the whim take us, we pop off on a side trip to a bushman village in Namibia. This freedom allows us to go beyond the usual tourist routes and infrastructure - it's unique to overlanding. 

Depending on where you’re travelling, accommodation is a mix of simple hotels or guesthouses, campsites and local family homestays, with some bushcamping in more remote areas.  The level of comfort varies from very basic to upgrade potentials - its the yin and yan of travel. 

Our trips are run at grass roots level and we try to involve the local community in the trips themselves.  You might find yourself staying in a Quechua Indian village, visiting one of our community projects in Central America, riding horses with Kyrgyz shepherds or helping at a school in Africa.

Take the road less travelled and join an overland tour.


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