Tour price from GBP 1579 for 14 days.
    Visiting: Alaska

    The last wilderness frontier -this is a land of majestic mountain spires, crystal-clear lakes, glimmering ice-blue glaciers: a place with abundant wildlife, rushing rivers and unspoilt beauty. The ...

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  • Electric Souk   

    Electric Souk

    Tour price from GBP 482 for 11 days.
    Visiting: Morocco

    Up to 10% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 535pp Now GBP 482pp

    This adventure tour to Morocco takes the backroads between ancient cities via the Sahara, allowing you to discover the secret side to this exotic country. From Casablanca you take the train to the ...

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  • Spice is Nice   

    Spice is Nice

    Tour price from GBP 555 for 5 days.
    Visiting: Tanzania

    Arab, sultans, trade links with China, Portugal and India and a muslim call to prayer that bellows across Stone Town five times a day - we guess you could say Zanzibar is pretty diverse. (Was Zanzi...

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  • Crazy Circle of Life   

    Crazy Circle of Life

    Tour price from GBP 770 for 17 days.
    Visiting: Botswana,South Africa,Zimbabwe

    Enjoy safaris in Chobe, Hwange, Matopos & Kruger Nat. Parks, 3 day mokoro (dugout canoe) excursion into the Okavango Delta, Go wild at Victoria Falls!


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Central America

Middle East

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North America and Canada

  • Mountie   


    Tour price from GBP 1037 for 12 days.
    Visiting: Canada

    Explore pristine British Columbia and Alberta... the Canadian Rockies offer grand vistas and a wilderness that is still truly wild. Hiking is top-notch and mountain-bikers will be on cloud nine. view trip

  • Southern Sun   

    Southern Sun

    Tour price from GBP 1521 for 21 days.
    Visiting: America

    This is one varied snapshot of The States! Experience the fast paced East, the slow moving South and the laidback West coast, with exciting activities like whitewater rafting, horseback riding and ...

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  • Westerner 2   

    Westerner 2

    Tour price from GBP 1040 for 14 days.
    Visiting: America

    This two week western USA gem is packed full of highlights to show you the real America's! Enjoy Pacific Coast highlights such as Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and the Golden Gate...

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  • Northeastern BLT   

    Northeastern BLT

    Tour price from GBP 929 for 9 days.
    Visiting: America,Canada

    The best of north eastern USA & Canada can now be enjoyed year-round. Head out of New York to Buffalo and onto Toronto for amazing views of Niagara Falls.

    Montreal is next with its Euro...

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  • Southern BLT   

    Southern BLT

    Tour price from GBP 1784 for 21 days.
    Visiting: America

    Travelling cross-country from East to West is synonymous with the original American adventure - the feeling of the open road and the freedom that defines a nation.

    Take the southern route a...

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South America

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South East Asia

  • Hey, Hey Malay   

    Hey, Hey Malay

    Tour price from GBP 697 for 13 days.
    Visiting: Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand

    Up to 15% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 820pp Now GBP 697pp

    Hunt down the best dumpling in Singapore, hang in pretty-cat Malacca, get your laksa on in Kuala Lumpur, trek through and love on the Cameron Highlands, swing over to Thailand and kick back in Ao N...

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  • The Bit Beyond Ubud   

    The Bit Beyond Ubud

    Tour price from GBP 860 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Indonesia

    Ubud is great and all, but so is the sunset at Lovina, the guesthouse atop Mt Batur, the markets in Sanur, the trek up Sengiggi and the snorkeling off Gili Islands. Just sayin’. Live out your in...

    view trip
  • Sun, Sand & Sticky Rice   

    Sun, Sand & Sticky Rice

    Tour price from GBP 440 for 10 days.
    Visiting: Thailand

    Up to 20% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 550pp Now GBP 440pp

    Love beaches? Love islands? Love cocktails? Love this trip. Head from buzzing Bangkok to blissful Koh Samui, snorkel, swim and hang at waterfalls. Jump in a canoe and visit jungly Khao Sok National...

    view trip
  • Feel the Burm   

    Feel the Burm

    Tour price from GBP 1365 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Burma

    When we talk about getting off the beaten track, we’re talking about Burma: hill tribes who’ve never seen foreigners, one-legged rowing fisherman, 2000 temples in one valley and a balancing roc...

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  • A Land Before Time Travel   

    A Land Before Time Travel

    Tour price from GBP 224 for 6 days.
    Visiting: Cambodia

    Up to 20% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 280pp Now GBP 224pp

    If you Google, ‘inspirational quotes about Angkor Wat’ you get… absolutely nothing. So do us a favour and make some up after you’ve seen it.(Was Cambodia & Ancient Angkor)


    view trip
  • Indo-Needs-Ya   


    Tour price from GBP 1425 for 22 days.
    Visiting: Indonesia

    Start in Yogyakarta, see Borobudur, hang in Malang, climb Mt Bromo, bliss out in Ubud, splash in waterfalls at Lovina… then mountains, wilderness, trekking and BOOM! Back to Sanur. Useful Indone...

    view trip
  • Land of Laobodia   

    Land of Laobodia

    Tour price from GBP 1139 for 17 days.
    Visiting: Cambodia,Laos,Thailand

    Up to 10% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 1265pp Now GBP 1139pp

    Time for a game of ‘Spot the best Chinglish menu item’. Look out for: Braised dork, Upland forest trees pork ribs author, Bean salad with disabilities, Pork with fresh garbage, Slippery pig red...

    view trip
  • The Greatest Land You've Never Heard Of   

    The Greatest Land You've Never Heard Of

    Tour price from GBP 855 for 10 days.
    Visiting: Borneo

    Try not to indulge in too much ikan panggang (stingray – a local delicacy) because at the end of this trip we’re taking you on a two-day hike to the top of South East Asia.(Was Sabah Close Up)<...

    view trip
  • Hills & Sandcastles   

    Hills & Sandcastles

    Tour price from GBP 890 for 18 days.
    Visiting: Thailand

    A super trip through Thailand. From homestays and temples in the north (Chang Mai, Chang Rai etc etc) to the sweet, sweet island-y beaches of the south (Koh Samui, Ao Nang, Bamboo Island). Rad. Th...

    view trip
  • Orangutanland   


    Tour price from GBP 1520 for 18 days.
    Visiting: Borneo

    Kick off in KK, hang with the rangas in Sepilok (orangutans… red heads too if you’re lucky), spy monkey, elephants and squirrels on a boat trip down Kinabatangan River, stay in nature with bill...

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  • Laos (Rhymes with WOW)   

    Laos (Rhymes with WOW)

    Tour price from GBP 595 for 12 days.
    Visiting: Laos,Thailand

     You know they’re a welcoming bunch when you cross something called the Friendship Bridge. Take a leaf out of the Laotians book and make a few new friends in this part of the world.(Was Highligh...

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  • Vietnam in a Banana Leaf   

    Vietnam in a Banana Leaf

    Tour price from GBP 519 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Vietnam

    Up to 10% off selected trip dates. Was GBP 610pp Now GBP 549pp

    This is your full-on trip up the coast of Vietnam and into Halong Bay. From hectic Ho Chi Minh City to historic Hanoi. Ready, set, pagoda. 


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  • Mother Indochina   

    Mother Indochina

    Tour price from GBP 1030 for 26 days.
    Visiting: Cambodia,Thailand,Vietnam

     Never heard of Indochina? Don't stress. You'll come for Angkor Wat, but you'll stay for the pho/amok/spring rolls (we could go on).


    view trip
  • A Tale of Two Islands   

    A Tale of Two Islands

    Tour price from GBP 880 for 14 days.
    Visiting: Indonesia

    Hoon from Yogyakarta to Sanur, on the way you’ll catch some temples in Borobudur and Prambanan, a sunrise at Mount Bromo, markets in Ubud, waterfalls at Lovina, views from Mount Batur and Bintang...

    view trip

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