Chandelao Village Project, India


Chandelao is a small principality near Jodhpur whose current Rajput ruler, Praduman Singh, is involved in trying to upgrade the life of the underprivileged in the village. He is already active through an NGO in helping the local schools and Imaginative Traveller have decided to offer further support through our Responsible Travel fund.

Praduman has converted his Garh (fortress type home) into a hotel and employs villagers in hospitality and building work. Imaginative Traveller regularly send clients to the area and stay in this hotel. He has worked with villagers to open an internet learning centre for young people, improving the facilities of the local schools and improving water catchment. One of the biggest projects has been to open a crafts centre where local women can use their sewing and weaving skills to generate income for their families. With the help of Imaginative Traveller clients spending money in the craft centre this has become a sustainable project, supporting the work the local women do here. Recent initiatives Imaginative Traveller have supported have included clearing a water channel to increase the water holding capacity of the local lake and trialing the use of solar cookers to reduce the need for tree clearing for fire wood.

We have donated £500 from our client donations to fund a water storage tank to collect and store rainwater for the nearby villages. We approach the work we do by asking the villagers what they want to achieve in developing their community and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with Chandelao

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