Nick and his 12yr old son Joseph flew off to Croatia this summer with us to try out one of our Croatia family adventures.  Here’s his story….

This was your first small group family adventure – were you a little hesitant about taking a different type of holiday to your usual break?

Yes. My concern was mainly whether the level [technical, stamina, endurance, danger] would be appropriate. Looking at the ‘family’ designation and the age ranges meant that I was sure it would not be too much. I had to hope that it would be sufficient ie that in this group there would be enough teenagers of Joseph’s age.

What was your group like?

Diverse, professional in the main, 2x 2-parent families and 4x 1-parent families. Parents 40 – 60 years. Everyone was chatty and sociable and there were very few moments of difference. The children were well behaved and participated enthusiastically in the activities. For events such as sea kayaking the younger children were passengers. We dined in the evenings with one or more of the other families; which suited us all.


What was your impression of the leader?

Ivan was charming, cultured and knowledgeable. He moved the timing of the events to deal with an unexpected patch of bad weather with good effect. He was cheerful and engaged with the children. He was reliable in that he did what he said he would.

What did you think of the accommodation?

It was a bit basic, however the same would be true of almost every ski holiday I have been on, even the expensive ones! The hotel had a very good pool bar/restaurant area with lovely views, a good pool and access to two beaches. There was a more formal restaurant and access to two beach side restaurants. Croatian food is a bit rough and ready with a standard menu everywhere. However the grilled meat and fish are good and other things like vegetables depend on the location. No grande cuisine but then that is not what we went for. The food was relatively expensive, not far off UK prices and local wine and beer was good but not cheap.

What did you think of the itinerary?

It worked well to have 2 days that were flexible and 4 days with planned activities – a good balance. Each of the activities was successful in its own way.

What was your main highlight? 

The white water rafting was excellent with lots of funny moments although the travel involved was significant – several hours there and several hours back


Did your son enjoy the holiday?

Yes, very much. There were other children of his age – a critical feature – and he was able to participate fully in all the activities that were pitched appropriately for the age group involved.

What do you think of adventure holidays as a family holiday concept?

I am totally converted to the idea.

What would you say to families out there contemplating an adventure holiday?

It’s a fantastic idea that solves all the problems. All of the parents on our trip were agreed that they needed some way to keep their kids entertained and find some peer group for them. They all seemed to be happy with the holiday that we had.


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