Places to visit in Turkey

Dalyan, Lycian Rock Tombs, Mud Baths and Caratta Caretta

Along the Turquoise coast you come to the lovely resort of Dalyan. Dalyan is a pretty fishing town set in the middle of a conservation area and is a more traditional, quiet, laid back resort. Some of the hot spots in Dalyan include:

Lycian Rock Tombs

These tombs are the resting places of the kings of Caunos. They are carved in the style of Lycian rock tombs which date back to 400BC. The tombs are set up high in the cliff face. The best way to see the tombs is to sail up stream ‘African Queen style’ between the reeds (where the film ‘The African Queen’ was set). The rock tombs are magnificently lit up at night making a stunning backdrop for an evening meal or drink.


Mud Baths

Thermal waters spring up at many places in this area and are said to have healing minerals. Many people enjoy a visit to the mud baths. They bathe in the mud pools (as above) covering themselves from head to toe in the mud. Once out of the baths you need to wait for the mud to dry in the sun. Once the mud has been washed off you can relax in the sulphur pools. This process is said to take years off your skin!


Caratta Caretta

Whilst sailing around Dalyan’s rivers you will often spot the Caratta Caretta Turtles which are under protection. They lay their eggs on Iztuzu beach which in 1995 was voted one of the best beaches in the world.


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