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Africa is an against the odds story of survival that will warm your heart. This continent of contrasts combines unrivalled wildlife, rich jungle, deserts, snow-capped mountains and stunning coast  to form one of the world’s most endearing lands.     

Take a Kenyan safari, or experience the hustle and bustle of Nairobi while immersing yourself in the Maasai tribal way of life. Conquer Africa's highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro, enjoying a host of adventures and discoveries along the way; pushing yourself to the very limit.

Watch wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti, track chimpanzees in Uganda or come face to face with a mountain gorilla in Rwanda; the opportunities to marvel at nature are endless.

Pole your way through Botswana’s Okavango Delta, go tracking with the bushmen in Namibia and chill out on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Travel to Cape Town, swim near the gushing Victoria Falls, explore ancient Zimbabwean ruins, or camp on beautiful beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Immerse yourself in a thriving music culture, chew into some of the world’s wildest meats and dance the night away with village tribes; this incredible continent is like nothing you have seen before.


  • benin4 600 X 478 unknown photographer    


    Benin is the lost treasure of West Africa and adventure tours here will uncover voodoo religion, the traditional Tata Somba culture, wildlife and beaches.

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  • Elephant with trunk up Savuti CNP 504 x 480 Bushways    


    Going on safari in Botswana is to experience Africa's wildlife at its finest, and the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta are one of the world's most scenic areas.

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  • Burkina-Faso    

    Côte d’Ivoire

    Côte d’Ivoire is rich in natural attractions and culture and an integral part of any overland adventure tour to West Africa.

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  • ethiopia-thumb    


    Ethiopia is what adventure travel is all about. The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela attest to the ancient Christian roots in Ethiopia.

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    The main reason our overland adventure tours visit Gambia is for the incredible flora and birdlife found at the Bao Bolong wetlands.

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  • Ghana_thumb    


    The friendly West African country of Ghana has long appealed to travellers with its beaches, Ashanti culture and excellent national parks.

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  • Guinea_Bissau_thumb    

    Guinea Bissau

    Adventure tours to Guinea Bissau means really getting off the beaten track, travelling on exploratory overland expeditions through remote West Africa.

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  • Kenya 1 600 x 383 Angela Seabrook    


    Kenya is classic safari country, with legendary reserves such as Samburu, the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru offering superb wildlife experiences. 

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  • Lesotho_thumb    


    Any adventure holiday to southern Africa would be enhanced by a side trip to the spectacular country of Lesotho.

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  • Magic of Madagascar header    


    Unique is the only way to describe an adventure holiday to Madagascar. As the fourth largest island in the world, it boasts a varied flora and fauna.

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    Malawi has always been a favourite destination for adventure travellers in Southern Africa who discovered the many charms of this beautiful country long ago.

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  • Morocco_thumb    


    From the vast emptiness of the Sahara Desert to the teeming bustle of colourful souks and markets, Morocco is a land of contrasts.

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  • Mozambique    


    Situated on the south-eastern coast of Southern Africa, Mozambique has a diverse terrain of rainforests, swamps, mountains, grassland, sand dunes and beaches.

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  • namibiab    


    Namibia is the location of one of the most inhospitable habitats on earth – the Namib Desert, which runs down the coast of this enormous, arid country.

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  • P66a    


    Many people have heard of Rwanda but few have actually discovered what this jewel of a country has to offer the adventure traveller.

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  • Senegal    


    Senegal provides a fascinating introduction to any adventure tour to West Africa with its long sandy beaches, traditional music scene, varied wildlife and friendly people.

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  • africa-pic    

    Sierra Leone

    Once off limits, this fascinating and beautiful country is now firmly back on any adventure traveller’s agenda, with its lush mountains, turquoise tropical waters and spectacular ecosystems.

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  • southafricac    

    South Africa

    South Africa is a land of contrasts, with magnificent National Parks which are home to some of the finest wildlife on the continent.

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  • tanzaniav    


    Tanzania is what many people think of when they think of Africa – the vast grasslands of the Serengeti, Maasai warriors and Africa's highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.

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  • togod    


    Feel the true African drum beat on an adventure tour to Togo, one of the most vibrant countries in West Africa and home to the voodoo religion.

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  • gorilla640x480    


    Uganda offers an astounding variety of primates, the undoubted star attraction is the endangered mountain gorilla.

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  • Bull Elephant at baobab 480 x 513 Bushways    


    Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, with a huge variety of landscapes ranging from the semi-desert of the south-west through to the spectacular Eastern Highlands.

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