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Malawi has always been a favourite destination for adventure travellers in Southern Africa who discovered the many charms of this beautiful country long ago.

Though landlocked, Malawi has its own inland sea – the enormous Lake Malawi – which stretches almost the entire length of the country, offering excellent fishing, diving and other watersports. In the far north the rolling green hills stretch all the way up to East Africa; in the south looms the bulk of Mount Mulanje, a plateau popular with climbers and hikers. In between are tranquil fishing villages, bustling markets, and always in the backgound, the shimmering waters of the lake.

Trips in Malawi

  • Kenya to Cape Town   


    Kenya to Cape Town

    Tour price from GBP 3152 for 45 days.
    Visiting: South Africa,Namibia,Botswana,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Malawi,Zanzibar,Tanzania,Kenya

    Travel from Kenya to Cape Town and uncover some of Africa's greatest sights on a journey from the dramatic Great Rift Valley to the beautiful southern coast. Visit Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar; tou...

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  • Kenya to Victoria Falls   


    Kenya to Victoria Falls

    Tour price from GBP 1876 for 24 days.
    Visiting: Kenya,Tanzania,Malawi,Zambia,Zimbabwe

    Watch captivating Africa unfurl before your eyes as you travel from the gritty modernity of Nairobi to the epic power of Victoria Falls. Magnificent herds of elephants roam the vast Serengeti plain...

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  • Cape Town to Kenya   


    Cape Town to Kenya

    Tour price from GBP 3795 for 45 days.
    Visiting: South Africa,Namibia,Botswana,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Malawi,Tanzania,Kenya

    Travel through Africa on an immense journey from Cape Town to Kenya - through African nations rich in natural beauty, history, culture and tradition. Visit South Africa, Namibia and Botswana; tour ...

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  • Nile Route between Cairo and Cape Town with Gorillas - NEW!   


    Nile Route between Cairo and Cape Town with Gorillas - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 11610 for 142 days.
    Visiting: Botswana,Egypt,Ethiopia,Kenya,Malawi,Namibia,Rwanda,South Africa,Sudan,Tanzania,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe

    There is, quite simply, no better way to see Africa! Our popular Nile Route, taking you on the incredible journey between Cairo and Cape Town, will give you an unparalleled insight into this ama...

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  • Africa East & South between Nairobi and Victoria Falls - NEW!   


    Africa East & South between Nairobi and Victoria Falls - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 2835 for 28 days.
    Visiting: Kenya,Malawi,Tanzania,Zambia,Zimbabwe

    Unlike most trips between Nairobi and Victoria Falls, this journey gives you something that other trips miss - time to get off the beaten track. If you've got a month to spare, you can experienc...

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  • Africa East & South between Dar es Salaam and Victoria Falls - NEW!   


    Africa East & South between Dar es Salaam and Victoria Falls - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 1390 for 19 days.
    Visiting: Malawi,Tanzania,Zambia,Zimbabwe

    Travelling from the beaches of East Africa to the magnificent Victoria Falls in the heart of Southern Africa, get an incredible insight into the life of rural Africa together with plenty of oppo...

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