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Mexico offers a huge range of attractions for the adventure traveller. From high plains and deserts to thick jungles and pristine beaches along both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, this is a country of enormous contrasts.

There are small colonial towns where you'll encounter the archetypal sombrero-wearing locals enjoying a siesta, stunning Mayan ruins to explore and of course the vast urban area of Mexico City, teeming with life. Sip a margarita while being serenaded by a mariachi band as you watch the sun sink into the Pacific waves and you'll have discovered the essence of Mexico.

Trips in Mexico

  • Mexico Unplugged   


    Mexico Unplugged

    Tour price from GBP 875 for 16 days.
    Visiting: Mexico

    Discover the heart of Mexico's Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan and Spanish cultures on this two-week journey spanning ruins, pueblos and beaches. Arrive in Mexico and travel thr...

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  • Central American Adventure   


    Central American Adventure

    Tour price from GBP 1940 for 32 days.
    Visiting: Mexico,Belize,Guatemala,El Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica

    Explore incredibly colourful worlds - both above and below the water - on an epic journey from the sunny beaches of Mexico, through jungle and Caribbean coastline to the volcanic mountains of Costa Ri...

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  • Real Food Adventure - Mexico - NEW!   


    Real Food Adventure - Mexico - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 1125 for 9 days.
    Visiting: Mexico

    Get an authentic taste of Mexico on this luscious journey through some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. Meander through Oaxaca’s aromatic markets; take to the streets of Puebla to sa...

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  • Best of Guatemala & Mexico   


    Best of Guatemala & Mexico

    Tour price from GBP 731 for 13 days.
    Visiting: Guatemala,Belize,Mexico

    Travel from the cobblestone streets of Antigua, through Belize and along the Yucatan Peninsula to the beachside delights of Playa del Carmen on this Guatemala to Mexico adventure. Discover ancient May...

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  • Cycling In Mexico - NEW!   


    Cycling In Mexico - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 1445 for 10 days.
    Visiting: Mexico

    Mexico is home to idyllic beaches, lively music, astonishing archaeology, exciting food and friendly people, making it the perfect destination for a fantastic cycling holiday. Following Yucatan’s ba...

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  • Best of Mexico   


    Best of Mexico

    Tour price from GBP 2365 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Mexico

    Cheers a margarita glass to the vivacious beauty and fiery flavours of Mexico. Discover the culture and landscapes of this fascinating country on a trip that takes you from Mexico City to Play del Car...

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  • Mayan Encounter   


    Mayan Encounter

    Tour price from GBP 955 for 17 days.
    Visiting: Mexico, Guatemala

    Travel to paradise somewhere between the blazing Yucatan sun and the cool Guatemalan highlands on this Mayan Encounter. Prepare to be wowed as you relax on the white sands of Tulum, admire the unde...

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  • Ultimate Central America - NEW!   


    Ultimate Central America - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 3535 for 58 days.
    Visiting: Mexico,Belize,Guatemala,El Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Panama

    Enjoy a Central American odyssey on this adventure from Mexico’s capital to the home of the Panama Canal. Travel through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama on a to...

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  • Mexico & Guatemala Highlights   


    Mexico & Guatemala Highlights

    Tour price from GBP 740 for 13 days.
    Visiting: Mexico,Guatemala

    Travel from the beach delights of Playa del Carmen to the Central American highlands on this dynamic Mexico to Guatemala tour. Clamber over ancient ruins at Chichen Itza, explore the pristine shores o...

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  • Mayan Adventure   


    Mayan Adventure

    Tour price from GBP 1770 for 25 days.
    Visiting: Guatemala, Mexico, Belize

    Through Guatemala, Mexico and Belize, this trip combines the volcanic beauty of the highlands, the mystery of the ancient Maya ruins, and the perfect beaches of the Caribbean in a truly unique adventu...

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