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Central Asia is a part of the world that has long seduced adventure travellers and explorers. Home to the fabled cities of the Silk Road, like Samarkand and Bukhara, the ancient history of Central Asia is there for all to see, with superb architecture, ruins of ancient empires and monuments that you'll see nowhere else.

Stretching from Siberia to the Caspian Sea, there are so many cultures to be explored, whether you are drinking fermented horse milk with a Kyrgyz nomad or red wine at a Georgian homestay.

Take a journey through Azerbaijan’s mud volcanoes, petroglyphs of Gobustan and the sights of the capital city, Baku. For amazing unspoilt scenery, visit Kyrgyzstan’s soaring mountains and shimmering lakes.

For something off the beaten track, try a Mongolian adventure, combining arid countryside and desert, with beautiful mountains and wildlife. Take an overland tour of Turkmenistan or enjoy the incredible Islamic architecture of Uzbekistan, combining rich culture with vast landscapes and amazing markets and bazaars.

Central Asia is one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world, allowing you to uncover a part of the world that can often be forgotten about, providing a unique sense of discovery.

  • Azerbaijan    


    Little visited Azerbaijan offers another side to adventure tours in Central Asia.  Bordering the Caspian Sea it offers the traveller a long history of Silk Road travel. Our overland

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  • Georgia    


    Georgia is a mountainous country with dramatic Caucasus mountain scenery, historic Christian monuments and an extremely warm and hospitable people. Seldom visited, it should be high on the wish

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  • irane    


    Travel through sophisticated Islamic cities, atmospheric bazaars, ancient Persian ruins and dazzling deserts on an adventure tour of Iran, a truly off the beaten track destination for any

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  • Kyrgyzstan    


    For the ultimate Central Asian adventure holiday, any overland tour to Kyrgyzstan would be hard to beat with its soaring mountains, shimmering lakes and vast horizons. Perfect for

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  • mongoliaf



    The name Mongolia conjures up images of Genghis Khan's army sweeping across the steppes, destroying everything in its wake. Mongolia's most famous son might do a double take at the modern city

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  • Turkmenistan    


    Our overland adventure tours through remote Turkmenistan are special - we get off the main highway and out into the desert to meet the nomads in their traditional yurts. Most of

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  • uzbekistanb    


    Uzbekistan is the heart of Central Asia. It has some of the region’s most magnificent attractions and possesses the most spectacular Islamic architecture anywhere in the

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