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The name Mongolia conjures up images of Genghis Khan's army sweeping across the steppes, destroying everything in its wake.

Mongolia's most famous son might do a double take at the modern city of Ulaan Baatar, but he'd recognise much of Mongolia even today. Many locals still live in the traditional circular felt tents called gers (yurt in Russian), and Mongolian children learn to ride almost before they can walk. With a stunning, wide-open landscape, dramatic mountain ranges, the wilderness of the Gobi Desert and beautiful alpine lakes, Mongolia is a fantastic place to experience nature in the raw.

Trips in Mongolia

  • Grand Trans Siberian Railway   


    Grand Trans Siberian Railway

    Tour price from GBP 6470 for 30 days.
    Visiting: Japan,Russia,Mongolia

    The original and classic Great Rail Journey. From the Pacific Coast to the nation’s capital you cross the world's biggest country and largest landmass aboard the world's longest railway, spanning 7 ...

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  • Trans Mongolian Express   


    Trans Mongolian Express

    Tour price from GBP 3195 for 21 days.
    Visiting: Russia, Mongolia, China

    Explore St. Petersburg and Moscow - Russia's two most exciting cities. Wander the magnificent 18th century buildings and palaces of St. Petersburg, then south to Moscow: Red Square, St Basil's Cathedr...

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  • Beijing to Moscow - NEW!   


    Beijing to Moscow - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 2290 for 16 days.
    Visiting: Beijing,Mongolia,Russia

    Travel across continents and time zones on one of the world's greatest train journeys. Start in busy Beijing before heading to the untamed wilderness of Mongolia to meet its historically nomadic peopl...

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  • Wild Mongolia - NEW!   


    Wild Mongolia - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 1820 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Mongolia

    Travel to Mongolia and experience the raw beauty and tradition of this remote region. Hidden from the world for many years, it is hard to imagine that this secluded country once created the largest la...

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  • Beijing to St Petersburg - NEW!   


    Beijing to St Petersburg - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 3135 for 23 days.
    Visiting: China,Mongolia,Russia

    Big, bigger, biggest! Travel from the world’s greatest wall, along the world’s longest railway line, through the world’s largest nation, to the world’s deepest freshwater lake. Explore far-flu...

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