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Uzbekistan is the heart of Central Asia. It has some of the region’s most magnificent attractions and possesses the most spectacular Islamic architecture anywhere in the world. Uzbekistan offers an exotic mix of rich culture, grand architecture and sweeping landscapes.

Uzbekistan lies along the route of the ancient Silk Road and is home to the legendary fabled cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva which glitter like jewels offering a labyrinthine of bazaars and markets, sublime blue domes and medrassah mosaics

Trips in Uzbekistan

  • Silk Route between Istanbul and Xi'an   


    Silk Route between Istanbul and Xi'an

    Tour price from GBP 4680 for 81 days.
    Visiting: Azerbaijan,China,Georgia,Kyrgyzstan,Turkey,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan

    Follow in the footsteps of the traders who travelled this ancient route linking east to west on our hugely popular Silk Route overland trip. Starting in Istanbul, the cosmopolitan Turkish city which b...

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  • Uzbekistan Uncovered   


    Uzbekistan Uncovered

    Tour price from GBP 999 for 11 days.
    Visiting: Uzbekistan

    Who can mention the names of Samarkand, Bokhara or Khiva without conjuring up images of the romance and intrigue of the Great Game, of skull caps and silk sashes, of fabulously coloured mosaic dome...

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  • Silk Road Odyssey   


    Silk Road Odyssey

    Tour price from GBP 0 for 28 days.
    Visiting: China,Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Russia

    From the great East Gate of Xian the network of commercial arteries linking China with Central Asia and onto Europe became known as the Silk Route. Great cities emerged, in particular Samarkand and Bu...

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  • Silk Road Adventure   


    Silk Road Adventure

    Tour price from GBP 2905 for 21 days.
    Visiting: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China

    Stunning mountain scenery, ancient Silk Road cities and the bustling markets of the Fergana Valley are just a few of the highlights on this brilliant journey along some of the least travelled sections...

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