Europe Adventure Holidays

Europe is a melting pot of cultures, with each country steeped in historical significance and such rich opportunities to sample amazing cuisine.  

Amazing Balkan adventures will take you through Hungary’s Budapest and Serbian vineyards, through Belgrade’s partisan streets to idyllic towns untouched by tourism. Travel through coastal villages, the lush scenery of Montenegro and visit Croatia’s Dubrovnik, a beautiful white stone town with ancient laneways and red brick roofs. Travel across the Adriatic to the delectable cuisine and ruins of Italy.

Enjoy Russia’s St Petersburg and Moscow, a mesh of capitalist and communist culture. Take a sailing break in Greece, enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, white-washed buildings and clear blue skies. For meandering streets, beautiful architecture and delicious tapas, try our Moorish Spain and Morocco trip, which gives you a rich account of how Africans once settled in Spain, and allowing you to tour Grenada, Malaga, Tangier and the bustling Marrakech.  

Europe has everything; from ancient villages, cosmopolitan capital cities, tranquil countryside, awe-inspiring scenery and arguably the world’s best cuisine. With amazing overland road trips and fantastic activities, an adventure to Europe with Imaginative Traveller is hard to beat.


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