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Argentina has everything any traveller could ever wish for – from the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires to the dramatic mountains of Patagonia. Uncover the romantic history of the tango along cobbled side streets, cook beef on an asado (bbq) or raft across glistening lakes in a snow-capped paradise; Argentina has it all.

For culture fans, Buenos Aires is a mysterious, maze-like city with an eerie power and hidden charm – you can wander through its labyrinth of bars and cafes, catch a tango show over steak and Malbec, or head to watch Boca Juniors against River Plate, with the crowd surging and banners swaying.

To escape this bustling maze you can head to the incredible Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil, a beautiful cascade of chaotic white waters, sunshine and rainbows, or mid-country to the Pampas and the land of the gauchos, riding horseback and herding cattle.

Nothing can prepare you for Patagonia, with its pristine white mountains, shimmering blue lakes, gigantic ice caps and the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier and on to Tierra del Fuego, the launch point for our Antarctic cruises.

Trips in Argentina

  • Patagonia Wilderness   


    Patagonia Wilderness

    Tour price from GBP 2855 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Argentina,Chile

    Become an adventurer in the Patagonian wilderness – one of the most remote and beautiful environments in the world. Visit the best of nature's attractions in Argentina before heading to Chile to ...

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  • Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged   


    Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged

    Tour price from GBP 1660 for 17 days.
    Visiting: Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay

    Hit two of South America's most exciting cities - Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro - discovering their wild nightlife, friendly residents and cultural charm along the way. Explore bays filled with n...

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  • Peru, Argentina & Brazil Explorer - NEW!   


    Peru, Argentina & Brazil Explorer - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 3905 for 22 days.
    Visiting: Peru,Brazil,Argentina

    There are many sides to South America, from the energy of the cities, the beauty of the landscapes and the spirit of its people. Discover it all on this trip that winds through the Inca heartlands and...

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  • Cycling The Lake District Of Chile & Argentina - NEW!   


    Cycling The Lake District Of Chile & Argentina - NEW!

    Tour price from GBP 1875 for 13 days.
    Visiting: Chile,Argentina

    Discover a beautiful and fertile land at the northern gateway to Patagonia - a magical landscape filled with active volcanoes, turquoise rivers, gigantic lakes and ancient native forests. See Andean c...

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