Review 1

What Was The Most Memorable Or Exciting Part Of Your Holiday?

Climbing Mt Kinabalu and conquering the summit around sun rise Seeing orang utans in the wild in Sepilok plus night walk through jungle there

What Did You Think Of Your Tour Leader?

The tour leader, Randall, was from Borno Ecoadventure Tours. He was knowledgeable and approachable. He did not though stay with the group on the first night in Kota Kinabalu nor the final two nights near KK. Whilst this is understandable from an economics perspective this should be made clear in the trip notes and on such occasions a mobile number should be left in case of emergency.

Do You Feel Your Holiday Benefited Local People?

Mainly in terms of the village homestay at Miso Walai. Otherwise interaction with locals aside from drivers and guides was a bit limited.

Do You Feel That You Got Under The Skin Of A Country?

Yes to some degree mainly in terms of the local knowledge imparted by the tour leader who was from KK. It was though not always apparent how exactly the residents at the village homestay earned a living as there was little evidence of agriculture and fishing. In fact the homestay for me was a little disappointing not only from this perspective but also the setting adjacent to a main highway was less than ideal and most had big screen tvs and vehicles. Quite a contrast with my experience in some of Thai hilltribe villages. One night at homestay would have been enough. Opportunity to interact with locals was lost during final two nights which were spent in a suburb of KK known as Kinarut(Seaside Travellers Inn). This was an inconvenient and isolated location as it was quite expensive to get taxis from here into centre. Although we did fly from Sandakan to KK after the village homestay there wasn’t much advantage gained in terms of extra time in KK (as opposed to bussing it back) as the flight was not until 14.00hrs which meant a lot of hanging around. Ideally a morning flight should be considered perhaps by using one of the budget airlines eg Air Asia

What Advice Would You Give To Other Travellers?

Useful to bring a towel both for the Kinabalu National Park accommodation and hot springs Be prepared for last minute switch around of itinery as happened on this tour.

Reviewed by David Bellamy who travelled in January 2011

Review 2

What Was The Most Memorable Or Exciting Part Of Your Holiday?

Climbing Mount Kinabalu because I got on well and worked with the other members of our group. I ave always to climb the mountain and the occasion was made more special b4ecause of the team spirit involved.

What Did You Think Of Your Tour Leader?

They were welcoming, efficient and organised. I rate them well particularly Sheila.

Do You Feel Your Holiday Benefited Local People?

Yes in this case. We did a homestay and I think that this brings some money to the local community without us being totally invasive.

What Advice Would You Give To Other Travellers?

It is improtant that people are aware that the climb up Mount Kinabalu is dfficult. I am very sporty and found it quite taxing and even though it states tha tpeople should be physically fit on the literature alot of my group admitted that they did not take this statement that seriously.

Reviewed by Jayne Phelan who travelled in July 2010

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