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One of the least visited countries in South East Asia, Laos offers an unspoiled glimpse into life in the region.

Laos has a variety of landscapes to explore, from thick jungle and lush floodplains through to dramatically rugged mountains and cave networks used as hideouts during the war. Vientiane has the reputation of being the sleepiest capital city anywhere, and you can't help but slip into the more relaxed pace of life wherever you are in Laos. The beautiful town of Luang Prabang is one of the most enchanting destinations anywhere, with stunning architecture, a magnificent setting and a serene mood.

Trips in Laos

  • Indo China Overland from Bangkok to Bangkok   


    Indo China Overland from Bangkok to Bangkok

    Tour price from USD 4553.5 for 54 days.
    Visiting: Burma ,Cambodia,China,Laos,Thailand

    Up to 30% off selected trip dates. Was USD 6505pp Now USD 4553.5pp

    This in depth South East Asian discovery is truly a trip not to be missed. From the bustling markets and monasteries of Bangkok to remarkable Angkor Wat in Cambodia and from the charming and beautiful...

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  • Laos Discovery   


    Laos Discovery

    Tour price from USD 1405 for 15 days.
    Visiting: Laos,Thailand,Vietnam

    Explore the architectural wonder of Hanoi, Settle in to the pace of chilled out Vientiane, Admire the spectacular scenery in Vang Vieng, Unearth hidden treasures in Luang Prabang , Take a riverboat...

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  • Land of Laobodia   


    Land of Laobodia

    Tour price from USD 1915 for 17 days.
    Visiting: Cambodia,Laos,Thailand

    The highlights tour. See the best of the best in Bangkok, haggle and feast in Chiang Mai, chill on a private slow boat up the Mekong, fall in love with Luang Prabang, explore some rad caves, kayak ...

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  • Journey Down the Laos Mekong   


    Journey Down the Laos Mekong

    Tour price from USD 1775 for 9 days.
    Visiting: Laos,Thailand

    Follow the Mekong River and uncover the secrets of Laos. From the bustle of Bangkok, we find a quieter South East Asia in the north of Thailand and an even more tranquil one still when we cross int...

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  • Laos (Rhymes with WOW)   


    Laos (Rhymes with WOW)

    Tour price from USD 1045 for 12 days.
    Visiting: Laos,Thailand

    Kick off in old Bangkok, wind through fun-times Chiang Mai and hoon over the border into Laos where the real adventure begins. Peaceful Huay Xai’s up first, then river times on the mighty Mekong,...

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