Guide to Family Adventures

Need help in choosing the right family adventure holiday?

We have over 30 exciting family adventures for you, travelling to over 20 countries. With so much choice it may be hard to pin point which holiday is right for your family so we have put together some information which should help guide you to the right trips for the ages and abilities of your children.

Each of our itineraries is different – they can include more experiences and more strenuous activities or the pace of the trip could slower or be based in a more challenging environment. All these factors are considered in the design of the trips and we are proud to offer a range of family adventures suitable for specific ages. By grouping children of a similar age together it usually adds to the experience as they make friendships easily from the beginning.

Obviously if you have children of different capabilities then you will recognise that some activities will only be suitable for certain children – whatever the minimum age attached to a trip. In most cases, unless it is an integral part of the holiday, any child can opt out of that activity (providing a parent stays with them). Equally we recognise that families can be made up of many different ages and it can be hard to find a trip to suit all age groups or that fits into our age categories. As a general rule we can usually take younger siblings – providing they are within a year of the minimum age, although they may have to opt out of certain activities.

Please do call and chat to our consultants to discuss whether a trip is suitable for your children – that is what we are here for!

Teenage Adventures (12+ years)

With no younger children to limit activities, our teenage adventure holidays are designed to be stimulating and exciting for a more independent older child.

Teens on the Trail, Peru 
Himalayan Teenage Adventure Kruger and Beyond, South Africa
South Africa Teenage Safari and Beach Adventure, Tanzania

Overland adventures (7+ years)

Our family overland tours involve travelling in one of our purpose-built trucks enjoying all the must see highlights but also getting off the beaten track. Full of outdoor pursuits and using a mixture of campsites and simple hotels these trips are different, adventurous and amazingly good fun!

East Africa Family Safari, Kenya and Tanzania
Namibia & Botswana

Family Adventures (Min age 5 & 7 years)

Most of our tours are designed for children aged 5 -11. Being parents ourselves we understand the difference in the interests and abilities of a 5 year old compared to an 8 year old and thus offer trips with two minimum age tiers in mind – 5 and 7.

Family adventures with a minimum age of 7 years:

Marvels of Morocco, FFMK
Land of the Lemurs, Madagascar FFMG
Tiger Trails & Taj Mahal, India FFNI
Elephant Paradise, Sri Lanka FFSL
Himalayan Adventure, Nepal FFNP
Land of the Dragon, China FFCH
Borneo Family Adventure, FFBA 
Magic of Mexico, FFMX
Natural Magic, Costa Rica FFCR
Land of the Incas, Peru FFPC

Family adventures with a minimum age of 5 years:

Journey to the Lost City, Jordan FFJO
Feluccas & Pharaohs, Egypt FFEG
Saharan Sands, Morocco FFAS
Kids in the Kasbahs, Morocco FFWE
Complete Turkey, FFTA
Good Morning Vietnam, FFVW
Land of Smiles, Thailand FFTH
Andaman Community Experience, Thailand FHFTT
Thai Community Encounter, Thailand FHFTI
Viva Cuba, FFCU

Young Adventures (2+ years)

We like to think that adventure travellers can start young! Why not inspire them at an early age and lay the foundations for a curiosity of the world right from the word go? Our tailor-made consultant Helene has a few young children of her own and lots of experience designing exciting and engaging adventures! Why not get in touch and see what we can put together for you? 

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