Family Adventures FAQs

Below are some answers to questions about our family adventures that we are most frequently asked regarding group dynamics and age issues, food, accommodation and rooming, activities, tour leaders and health and safety. Or click on this link to check out our family demo film.

Group Dynamics

Are your family adventures only for parents and children?

Our family adventures are designed for travellers of any age – meaning the entire family can come along! Grandparents, aunties, uncles – all are welcome as long as there is at least one child under 18yrs travelling. Older families are more than welcome to join our main small group adventures.

What is the minimum age?

We believe that adventure travellers should start young! We have a wonderful trip in Morocco which is designed for children aged 2yrs and up. Our main range of family adventures are aimed at either minimum 5yrs or 7yrs with a handful of holidays designed specifically for teenagers (minimum 12yrs). Trips are very specifically based on child interests and ages – please see our Guide to Family Adventures for more advice on age-related issues.

Are these minimum ages flexible?

If you have younger siblings we will always look at allowing them onto trips on a case by case basis, depending on the activities on the trip and their ages. As a general rule if a sibling is within a year of the minimum age they are welome on our tours on the understanding that they may have to opt out of certain activities. Please do speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel consultants who know the ‘ins and outs’ of each of our family adventures and will help guide you to a suitable tour for your family.

Are parents and children together all the time?

Parent supervision is a pre-requisite. Our tour leaders are NOT babysitters! But of course the beauty of travelling with other families is that the children tend to gravitate together and generally entertain themselves while the parents can keep an eye on them as well as relaxing and socialising with the other adults. Our family tours are perfect as the children have instant holiday friends and you are with like-minded adventurous parents.


Hmmmm we have so many issues when it comes to meal times I just cannot imagine my child eating local food- are there special meals for children?

Imaginative Traveller family adventures advocate doing everything the local way, and that means eating local food at local restaurants. Whilst there is rarely a special children’s menu the food is always freshly made and delicious, and there is generally a great variety on offer. We have found that whilst at home they might not dream of trying curry and rice or a Moroccan tagine, when surrounded by the newly found friends and perhaps eating out of a banana leaf or dining around a camp fire in the middle of the desert things change! On our trips we encourage them to watch their meals being prepared (where applicable) and sometimes get them involved in the actual cooking which of course makes all the difference when it comes to tasting it. If you are worried then maybe try some local food before you go and take a few failsafe snacks to supplement their diet.

What about food allergies/vegetarian options?

We try to accommodate all food requests although by the nature of adventure travel it may be difficult in certain places to source foods that are allergen-free. For vegetarians there is usually a vegetarian option available with picnics having lots of salads, rice/pasta dishes and different types of breads. Some destinations offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes (such as the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia where non-meat dishes are often the tastier option!). If you are concerned about limitations with diet please take the same precautions as you would when eating out in your home country and take along snacks that you know are safe. It is important that you advise us at the time of booking of any dietary requirements.

Can I get in touch with other parents before the trip?

Yes! We recommend using our ‘Meet Others’ link on Facebook and get to know your fellow travellers before your trip begins.

Accommodation and Rooms

What sort of standards can I expect?

By the nature of travel, standards vary hugely throughout the world so there is no point in using a star rating system. We generally use a wide range of different styles but generally hotels will all be clean, simple with private facilities (shower/bath and toilet). As often as possible we use traditional, locally-run accommodation thus supporting the local economy. All accommodation is inspected regularly ensuring comfort, cleanliness and safety. It must meet our minimum fire, safety, health and operating standards and also the regulations of the country in which it is run. For our non-overland trips, each hotel is named in the detailed trip notes and thus details can be viewed ahead of travel.

What are the toilet facilities like?

All of our hotels have western-style flushing toilets. In rural areas and when we are ‘off the beaten track’ facilities may be quite basic – it’s all part of travel!

Can my family sleep in one room?

Where it is possible, we will try to place you and your children in adjoining rooms. All children 5yrs and under will always be with their parents. Triple and quad room discounts are offered where available – please see individual trips.

Swimming pools?!

We know how important access to swimming (whether in a pool, the sea or a lake) is for families, especially after a long day travelling or sightseeing. Thus we endeavour to use hotels which have pools where possible. If this is not every night it is usually every other night so you can all cool off or let off steam on a regular basis. Please note safety regulations may not be as strictly enforced as you would expect in your home country.

What if my children make friends within the group and want to share rooms en route?

This is fine – as long as the parents are happy!

How do I find out about the facilities at each hotel – TV/Wi-Fi/Restaurant?

Amenities for each hotel are listed in the detailed trip notes.

Activities and Trekking

Can children opt out of activities if they like?

All activities are optional (although we find that once ‘peer pressure’ is involved very few children back out of something they may not have initially fancied trying). Certain activities have age restrictions which may exclude some age groups whilst the tour allows them to join in the rest of the itinerary but these are clearly listed in the trip notes ie white-water rafting in Costa Rica. If not taking part in activities it is usually possible to just watch or explore on your own. Please remember parents are responsible for their children all the time and if not partaking in the activity they will need to supervise their child.

For your walking trips should we buy specialist footwear for our children?

As with adult walking trips we would always recommend specialist footwear. Wet, cold, and sore feet can most certainly take the enjoyment out of any holiday – and with children discomfort often multiplies! We can cover a lot of ground on sometime challenging terrain in wet or muddy conditions so waterproof footwear with good ankle support and grip is a must. Ensure you and your children get used to wearing any new walking boots well before your trip. There is a good market in children’s secondhand walking boots – either eBay or various outdoor forums and walking clubs. We have also found walking poles aid both children and adults although they are not a necessity. For non-trekking trips, trainers should suffice.

The itineraries look pretty packed – are they really aimed specifically at children?

Our itineraries are created by parents for parents. Thus they are organised at a relaxed, family-friendly pace, travelling is kept to a minimum where possible and we try to stay in places for more than just one night to prevent a constant packing/unpacking scenario. Key sites are visited at the optimum time of day and as often as possible the group gets involved with local customs and games. Spur of the moment footie matches with the locals are positively encouraged! As with our adult small group adventures, there is plenty of all-important free time so families can explore independently or perhaps book additional activities to suit their interests. Trips are based on ages and interests – please see our Guide to Family Adventures for more information.

Tour Leaders

Are leaders trained to work with children?

Yes – this is a really important factor on our Family Adventures as an unsatisfactory leader can ruin a trip. All our leaders are experienced in working with children and undergo extra training to understand the needs of the younger traveller. They usually form a great relationship with the kids and there are often tears on departure day. However it is vital to note that they are not babysitters and are there to lead the trip rather than provide childcare. All local guides are English-speaking and often build fantastic rapport with the children.

Health and Safety

Do I need a first aid kit?

As you undoubtedly would if travelling independently, we would always recommend bringing a basic supply of plasters, Calpol/paracetamol, travel sickness pills, antiseptic etc….and any personal medication. Group leaders also carry first aid kits.

How safe is the transport?

We regularly check all of our vehicles to ensure that they adhere to strict safety requirements. With the exception of Burma and our overland adventures, all vehicles are fitted with seatbelts.

How safe are the activities?

We use and audit trusted operators who are aware of the necessary safety equipment and procedures, including supplying correctly fitting life-jackets and helmets. We also provide safety briefings on all activities.


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