Family adventure holidays

  • Why family adventure holidays?

    Photos taken on family adventure holidays are some of the most cherished pictures in any house. Having mum, dad and the kids in the photo serves as a reminder of how much fun everybody had spending time together on a family adventure holiday and what a special time it was.

    Seeing the world's many exciting treasures is something that most people dream of. What makes family adventure holidays so special is the fact that a group of people closer to each other than anyone else can enjoy it together. Whether you want to travel to some of the most exciting destinations or visit global landmarks, family adventure holidays are the best way to do it.

    Also, on family activity holidays, mum, dad and the children can try a number of different sports and adventures, be it scuba diving, sky diving or mountain climbing. The focus of family activity holidays is the family, with each member sharing the moment with those closest to them.

    At Imaginative Traveller, we have been on many family adventure holidays. We can tailor the perfect family adventure holiday for you, taking you on a break that will provide a lifetime of memories. Our family adventure holidays are an amazing experience for adults and children alike.

  • Family adventure holidays Family holidays in Africa

    What do family adventure holidays entail?

    Family adventure holidays and family activity holidays involve exploring and experimenting. The key focus of family adventure holidays is the fact that everyone experiences the same thing with each other.

    For those who enjoy mountain climbing and tackling rugged terrain, one family activity holiday they will enjoy is trekking. If this is your idea of a great family activity holiday you can enjoy it in places such as Morocco and Peru.

    A popular family adventure holiday is a safari experience. Mum, dad and the kids have the chance to get close to some of nature's finest creatures, including lions and tigers. For many, exploring the world of wildlife puts the 'adventure' into family adventure holidays.

    Most parents will be familiar with teenagers wanting little or nothing to do with their parents in public. This means family activity holidays can be difficult to organise in some cases. The solution to this problem is teenage adventure holidays, where adolescents are joined by others of a similar age and taken on a journey which they will never forget

  • Where can I go on a family adventure holiday?

    Riding camels on a family adventure holiday in Egypt

    With Imaginative Traveller, family adventure holidays can be anywhere.

    Over the years, many people have been on our family adventure holidays and enjoyed the experience of seeing new people and places and sharing it with their loved ones.

    We have taken groups on family adventure holidays in the Middle East for many years. On our Journey to the Lost City Mum, dad and the children will enjoy eight days in Jordan visiting all the main points of interest such as Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea as well as playing gladiators at Jerash and exploring the old Crusader castle at Kerak. This is not just a family adventure holiday, it is also a good choice for those who want family activity holidays, as the package includes camel rides, swimming in the Dead Sea, and desert hiking.

    For those looking for epic family adventure holidays with memories which will last a lifetime then there is no better choice than our Serengeti Safari in Tanzania. On this eight-day extravaganza, you should encounter some of Africa's most majestic animals, including lions and cheetahs in their home territory of the Serengeti. Also, on this family activity holiday you will encounter wonderful birds such as flamingos, visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater and view Mount Kilimanjaro.

    For some families, trying to get their adolescent offspring to go out in public with them is too much. That does not mean that older children cannot benefit from taking an activity holiday.

    At Imaginative Traveller, we have several adventure holidays for teenagers which will take them on an unforgettable journey which will help them develop on a personal level.

  • Go on a family adventure holiday with Imaginative Traveller

    Since 1991, Imaginative Traveller has been taking people of all ages on family adventure holidays around the world. In this time we have grown into one of the biggest and best providers of family adventure holidays in the business.

    Innovation, not imitation, is what we believe in and we strive to make our family adventure holidays as unique and exciting as possible. There are no other family adventure holidays like ours.

    When booking your family adventure holidays with Imaginative Traveller, we give you various payment options and rewards, meaning the affordability of your family adventure holiday is not an issue.

    As travellers ourselves, we know the impact that family adventure holidays can have on isolated communities. That is why we have a responsible travel policy where we strive to protect the areas that we visit on our family activity holidays.

    Travel with the whole family on an amazing Imaginative Traveller adventure!


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