Over two decades in adventure travel

So twenty years ago today the first ever text message was sent.  How communication has come on since then with 150 billion texts being sent each year in the UK alone plus tweets and facebook postings etc.....

It is the same in the travel industry.  Twenty-one years ago Imaginative Traveller started running tours through the Middle East.  Today we see many of our original destinations such as Syria and Lebanon off limits (temporarily we hope) yet places such as Sierra Leone, Burma and El Salvador, once considered no-go zones, now feature in our new brochure (with you shortly!). Even Kashmir is back (watch this space for a firsthand trip report from here).

The lesson here is - get out and see these places now! One never knows what is round the corner, borders can shut as quickly as they re-open but you can rest assured that Imaginative Traveller will be at the forefront of adventure travel taking you to far flung destinations - ahead of the crowds.

See you there!

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