Perception ‘gives travel its thrill’

Perception is the reason travel is so exhilarating, according to one writer, who makes particular note of the time she has spent in India.

So, if you're a traveller keen to submerse yourself in a different culture, you might find India a good place to start - but it'll be your perceptions as much as the country that shapes your experience, according to Mariellen Ward, writing for MatadorNetwork.

"Horns honking, cows in the road, bicycles piled high with unlikely goods careening between the cars, no one paying any attention to the lanes or the rules. It seemed like madness," comments Ms Ward, describing her first trip to Delhi.

After travelling to country regularly, she notes her perceptions changed and now she doesn't notice these things as much.

And those keen to experience India for themselves may be interested in the comments of Sandra Johnson, writing in a recent post for, who recommends that travellers heading to the country visit Rajasthan.

Here, she claims, you can discover a fantastic array of architecture and learn about the area's fascinating history.

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