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ClimateCare’s goal is to have the biggest impact in tackling climate change, globally. Creating a low carbon world requires bold, innovative projects that make real reductions.

ClimateCare is a service that reduces greenhouse gases by compensating for their impact on the climate. It does this by ‘offsetting’ the greenhouse gases – such as CO2 – emitted from your activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on your behalf. These reductions are made through a range of projects in sustainable energy technologies that not only fight climate hange but can bring widespread benefits to communities around the world.

Projects supported by ClimateCare

The Uganda Stoves Project

Supplying efficient wood burning stoves to institutions including schools. This project serves not only to reduce greenhouse gases from cooking but also decreases deforestation, as less wood is needed for cooking. Cooks also benefit from a better environment, as there is less indoor pollution created since the stoves are less smokey.

Sarah Nakabuyo Naloongo is a cook at Kibuye Primary School in Kampala. She told us how the new stoves had improved her life because the kitchen is now smoke free and the food is easier to cook.

“Beforehand, we cooked the food on an open fire using stone stands and the room would be black with smoke. The new stoves have improved my life because I no longer have to work in a dirty environment. The new stoves are taller too which means that I don’t have to crouch down and damage my back.”

The Wind Power in China Project

Another example of the work ClimateCare are doing; China is developing rapidly with increasing demand for power, most of which is generated from coal. The Mulan wind project is located in Heilongjiang – the northern-most province of China. The wind farm generates approximately 25 GWh of electricity each year, reducing emissions by reducing the amount of electricity that would have been generated by conventional fossil fuels such as coal or gas. Alongside reducing the need for fossil fuels, the wind farm provides local employment and has contributed to the stimulation of the wind power sector in China.

Support ClimateCare Climate care

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How to offset your travel emmissions

You can offset your flight emissions by using the ClimateCare carbon calculator. Visit their website at and offset your carbon now.

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