What you can do

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Guidelines we offer our travellers

  • Our tour leaders provide constant direct contact with clients and as such their training includes awareness of the company responsible travel policy. Tour leaders are then responsible for advising clients about company policy and encouraging them to support our efforts.
  • The company actively encourages travellers to act in a responsible manner by including guidelines in the Pre-Departure Information. These guidelines aim to help minimise the impact on a destination and provide simple tips on behaviour, dress and conduct. You can also find detailed information in our trip and country dossiers

Before you leave

  • Transport – Responsible travel starts at home. Consider using public transport to travel to the airport. You may also want to consider offsetting your flight carbon.
  • Save paper – Try to gather as much information possible online and print trip information sparingly. Only order the brochures you really need.
  • Be clever when you pack – A refillable water bottle is a great way to save wasting plastic. If you are a smoker a pocket ashtray can come in handy. An old pair of trekking boots makes a great donation to a porter community, and unwanted clothes are gratefully received by orphanages

How to offset your travel emmissions

You can offset your flight emissions by using the ClimateCare carbon calculator. Visit their website at www.climatecare.org and offset your carbon now.

Your Involvement

Only with the input of our clients are we able to achieve our aims for Responsible Travel and we thank all passengers past, present and future for their support. We appreciate your time spent considering our guidelines for responsible travellers and are grateful for all the generous donations and willing participation towards our projects and programmes.

For further information about any aspect of our Responsible Travel policy, please contact rto@imtrav.net.

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