The Falklands back in the news again

So the 'Las Malvinas/Falkland Islands' issue rears its ugly head again.  The politicians are back barking at each other with David Cameron somewhat amusingly accusing the Argentineans of 'colonialism' which may well be the most classic case of 'pot calling kettle black' in recent times.  How much of this relates to the very attractive possibility of rich natural resources being discovered down there and how much to the tragic war is anyone's guess but what we do know is that all the islanders really want is to be left alone and to continue to attract much needed tourism. 

The islands are a natural paradise for wildlife lovers and photographers and, indeed, anyone looking for a complete wilderness experience.  You will enjoy mother nature here like nowhere else on earth - and without having to cross the treacherous Southern Ocean or take malaria tablets.  You will find yourself usually alone amongst a hundred penguins or elephant seals with only the ever constant wind to  keep you company.  A truly magical experience.

If however budget does not allow you to travel to these special islands then how about Argentina itself?  We have a number of new trips here this year, many exciting overland expeditions linking the west coast of South America with the east and, yes, taking in the odd penguin colony en route ('colonialism' of a different sort Mr Cameron).  We even have a trip finishing at Ushuaia which would allow you to hop on a cruise to the Falklands and combine both countries in one unforgettable adventure holiday.  Keeping both Argentines and Brits happy.....


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