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A trip into the jungle is to follow in the footsteps of pioneering explorers, conservationists and local tribes who have never heard of certain world famous footballers…. 

The steamy canopies of Central America, Borneo and, of course, the Amazon, stretching from Colombia across to Brazil, are well known.  However we can also take you to the little known rainforests of southern Thailand and India, the nature reserves of Indonesia and Sri Lanka and an overnight jungle camp near Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal.

Travel into the vine-clad heart of the tropics the imaginative way.


  • Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged   


    Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged

    Tour price from USD 2465 for 17days.
    Visiting: Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay

    Hit two of South America's most exciting cities - Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro - discovering their wild nightlife, friendly residents and cultural charm along the way. Explore bays filled with n ...

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  • Sacred Land of the Incas   


    Sacred Land of the Incas

    Tour price from USD 2980 for 15days.
    Visiting: Bolivia,Peru

    Travel to Peru and discover the secret land of the Incas as you journey along the coastal shores of Lima, travel beneath the Amazon Jungle's lush canopy, past the llama-filled plains of the Sacred ...

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  • Classic Costa Rica   


    Classic Costa Rica

    Tour price from USD 1530 for 15days.
    Visiting: Costa Rica

    Every year thousands of tourists travel to Costa Rica but few get to experience this charismatic country's real way of life. On this Classic Costa Rica trip, stay with ...

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  • Way to San Jose   


    Way to San Jose

    Tour price from USD 1440 for 17days.
    Visiting: Costa Rica,Guatemala,Honduras,Nicaragua

    Get ready for a fast-paced adventure through the best of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. From oceans teeming with marine life to tropical forests alive with jungle melodies, this poc ...

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  • Best of Guatemala & Mexico   


    Best of Guatemala & Mexico

    Tour price from USD 1295 for 13days.
    Visiting: Guatemala

    Discover the vibrant and diverse scenery of Central America, Visit Antigua and be immersed in old-world charm, Gaze over the jungle from the magnificent ruins of Tikal , Delve into the caves outsid ...

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  • Holy Guacamole   


    Holy Guacamole

    Tour price from USD 1115 for 15days.
    Visiting: Mexico

    Mexico is everything you dreamed of and more. Smash some delicious treats in Mexico City, see some of the bazillion churches in Puebla, taste the best margaritas around in Oaxaca, swing through San ...

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  • Treasures of Sri Lanka   


    Treasures of Sri Lanka

    Tour price from USD for 15days.
    Visiting: Sri Lanka

     Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is the oldest recorded tree in the world. For the past 2250 years, monks have faithfully chronicled the tree; fi ...

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  • Southern India   


    Southern India

    Tour price from USD 1315 for 15days.
    Visiting: India

    Explore the tropical and spiritual Indian south. Join holiday-makers in Ooty, relax in Pondicherry and tour through Mudumalai. This corner of India is magical.

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  • Sabah Adventure   


    Sabah Adventure

    Tour price from USD 2280 for 12days.
    Visiting: Malaysia

    This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your imagination. Climb Mt Kinabalu and visit Sepilok along the way.

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  • Jakarta to Ubud   


    Jakarta to Ubud

    Tour price from USD 2115 for 14days.
    Visiting: Indonesia

    From Jakarta to Mt Bromo, Seloliman to Ubud, this tour of Indonesia reveals a nation with a heart even bigger than its high mountains and endless beaches.

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