Galapagos Wildlife Cruise

For those with a serious wildlife interest, this is our only 14-night cruise, allowing for a full exploration of the entire archipelago.

Aboard the Cachalote we combine the week-long A and B itineraries of the ‘Galapagos Islands’ trip, enabling us to visit both the eastern and western islands. Sailing to the less visited western islands is sure to be a highlight as we spend time at Isabela, the largest and most volcanically active place in the Galapagos, with a rich variety of marine life.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Start Quito.
  2. Day2Free day in Quito to relax.
  3. Day3Fly to the Galapagos. See Giant tortoises in the highlands of Santa Cruz; visit Charles Darwin Centre. Board Cachalote I.
  4. Day4First day of Galapagos Cruise.
  5. Day5Second day of Galapagos cruise.
  6. Day6Third day of Galapagos cruise.
  7. Day7Fourth day of Galapagos cruise.
  8. Day8Fifth day of Galapagos cruise.
  9. Day9Sixth day of Galapagos cruise.
  10. Day10Seventh day of Galapagos cruise.
  11. Day11Eighth day of Galapagos cruise.
  12. Day12Ninth day of Galapagos cruise.
  13. Day13Tenth day of Galapagos cruise.
  14. Day14Eleventh day of Galapagos cruise.
  15. Day15Twelfth day of Galapagos cruise.
  16. Day16Thirteenth day of Galapagos cruise.
  17. Day17Disembark the Cachalote. Fly to Quito.
  18. Day18End Quito.

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