A medley of man-made and natural wonders, are on full display on this popular tour of Western USA. Las Vegas Boulevard, Yosemite Valley and the Grand Canyon, are rivaled only by the power and beauty of the Navajo's sacred Monument Valley. Hike under the world's largest sandstone cliffs at Zion Canyon, marvel at Antelope Slot Canyon (2015 only), swim in the clear blue waters of Lake Powell and gaze upon the ever-changing colours of Bryce Canyon. Adventure awaits around every corner in the most geographically diverse region of the United States.


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Trip Itinerary

  2. Day1San Francisco to Yosemite National Park (2015)
  3. Day2-3Yosemite National Park (2015)
  4. Day4Death Valley National Park (2015)
  5. Day5Zion National Park (2015)
  6. Day6Zion National Park (2015)
  7. Day7Bryce Canyon National Park (2015)
  8. Day8Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon (2015)
  9. Day9Monument Valley (2015)
  10. Day10-11Grand Canyon National Park (2015)
  11. Day12Route 66, Hoover Dam & Las Vegas (2015)
  12. Day2014 TOUR ITINERARY
  13. Day1San Francisco to Yosemite National Park (2014)
  14. Day2Yosemite National Park (2014)
  15. Day3Death Valley (2014)
  16. Day4Zion National Park (2014)
  17. Day5Zion National Park (2014)
  18. Day6Bryce Canyon National Park (2014)
  19. Day7Lake Powell (2014)
  20. Day8Monument Valley (2014)
  21. Day9-10Grand Canyon National Park (2014)
  22. Day11-12Las Vegas (2014)
  23. Day13Las Vegas to Los Angeles (2014)

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