Overlanding between Dakar to Accra (including Togo and Benin)

Visiting: Benin,Côte d'Ivoire,Ghana,Guinea,Guinea Bissau,Senegal,Sierra Leone,The Gambia,Togo

Code: DASG

Kitty: As this trip is an overland trip. it has a kitty on top of the tour price. As our kitty is flexible the indicated amount is indicative only - please click here to view the kitty amount for your departure date.

DASG Kitty Details

This trip is an overland trip run in an overland truck. In addition to paying for your trip, you're require to make a separate payment to your tour leader at the start of the trip, usually in USD. Kitties are flexible and change as prices are updated. Therefore you should check the latest kitty amount on this website before you depart.

A kitty is a group fund which covers all accommodation, meals while camping (not in hotels) and activities listed as included. It's a system unique to overlanding to provide the maximum flexibility and best value on the road (you get everything at cost price!). The kitty is your money, not ours, so any amount left over is divided among the group as a refund.

Trip CodeStart DateEnd DateCurrencyKitty
ASG12th Sep 201620th Nov 2016USD1690.00
ASG28th Nov 20165th Feb 2017USD1730.00
ASG11th Sep 201719th Nov 2017USD1690.00
ASG27th Nov 20174th Feb 2018USD1730.00
Overlanding between Dakar to Accra (including Togo and Benin)

This epic and challenging trip takes you right the way through some truly off the beaten track destinations. As well as including the highlights of Senegal and Gambia you also delve into the lesser visited countries of Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire. Unlike their more visited neighbours these countries are 'hidden gems' and are still unspoilt by tourism; they boast a huge arts and craft scene, are packed with colourful and vibrant markets and provide the adventurer with a rare opportunity to experience a more traditional way of life. In Ghana you take in the beaches of the Atlantic coast and the stunning Kakum National Park before heading through the Voodoo lands of Togo and Benin before finishing our epic journey in the hustle and bustle of Ghana's capital city Accra.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Accra
  2. Day2Akosombo Lake Volta
  3. Day3 - 4Mont Klouto
  4. Day5 - 6Togo wild camp
  5. Day7 - 8Tata Somba region
  6. Day9 - 10Pendjari National Park
  7. Day11Benin wild camp
  8. Day12 - 13Abomey
  9. Day14Ganvie
  10. Day15Ouidah
  11. Day16 - 17Grand Popo
  12. Day18Agbodrafo
  13. Day19Keta
  14. Day20Accra
  15. Day21Accra
  16. Day22 - 23Kumasi
  17. Day24Kakum National Park
  18. Day25 - 26Kakum National Park Cape Coast Elmina (Brenu Akynin)
  19. Day27 - 28Grand Bassam
  20. Day29 - 30Yamoussoukro
  21. Day31 - 32Korhogo
  22. Day33 - 34Cote d'Ivoire wild camp
  23. Day35 - 36Forested Guinea Nzerekore
  24. Day37 - 38Macenta Gueckedou Faranah
  25. Day39 - 40Faranah region wild camp Kabala
  26. Day41Makeni
  27. Day42 - 43Tiwai Island Sanctuary
  28. Day44 - 46Freetown
  29. Day47Freetown City
  30. Day48Freetown City
  31. Day49 - 50Freetown
  32. Day51Southern Guinea wild camp
  33. Day52 - 53Mamou Labe
  34. Day54 - 55Fouta Djallon highland region Labe
  35. Day56 - 57Northern Guinea wild camps
  36. Day58 - 59Bissau
  37. Day60 - 62Cap Skirring
  38. Day63 - 64Tendaba Camp
  39. Day65 - 66Toubakouta
  40. Day67 - 68Touba St. Louis
  41. Day69Dakar
  42. Day70Dakar


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