Overland Istanbul And Xi'an

Visiting: Azerbaijan,China,Georgia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Turkey,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan

Code: DEUX

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Trip CodeStart DateEnd DateCurrencyKitty
EUXThursday 26 Mar 2015Saturday 13 Jun 2015USD2820.00
EUXThursday 16 Apr 2015Saturday 04 Jul 2015USD2820.00
EUXThursday 07 May 2015Saturday 25 Jul 2015USD2820.00
EUXTuesday 07 Jul 2015Thursday 24 Sep 2015USD2840.00
EUXTuesday 11 Aug 2015Thursday 29 Oct 2015USD2840.00
EUXTuesday 01 Sep 2015Thursday 19 Nov 2015USD2840.00
EUXTuesday 15 Sep 2015Thursday 03 Dec 2015USD2840.00
EUXThursday 24 Mar 2016Saturday 11 Jun 2016USD2820.00
EUXThursday 14 Apr 2016Saturday 02 Jul 2016USD2820.00
EUXTuesday 31 May 2016Thursday 18 Aug 2016USD2840.00
EUXThursday 09 Jun 2016Saturday 27 Aug 2016USD2820.00
EUXTuesday 05 Jul 2016Thursday 22 Sep 2016USD2840.00
EUXThursday 07 Jul 2016Saturday 24 Sep 2016USD2820.00
EUXTuesday 26 Jul 2016Thursday 13 Oct 2016USD2840.00
EUXTuesday 06 Sep 2016Thursday 24 Nov 2016USD2840.00
Overland Istanbul And Xi'an

Follow in the footsteps of the traders who travelled this ancient route linking east to west on our hugely popular Silk Route overland trip. Starting in Istanbul, the cosmopolitan Turkish city which bridges Europe and Asia, you'll overland through Turkey, through Cappadocia's Goreme Valley, before crossing over to the mountainous land of Georgia, staying in remote mountain homestays before overlanding through Azerbaijan and across the Caspian Sea. a land of From there, it's into Central Asia 'proper': Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Haggle at Sunday markets, visit remote desert communities, discover amazing National Parks, stay with local families in yurts, visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Khiva and explore the gems of the Silk Route – Bukhara and Samarkand. The mountain kingdom of Kyrgyzstan is for many, a highlight of this route – and you'll stay in traditional yurts at Song Kul Lake to learn about nomadic life. Crossing through the Tian Shan mountains, through the awesome Torugart Pass, you'll reach Western China, to explore Kashgar before overlanding skirting the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, to Turpan and Dunhuang; experiencing Tibetan culture in Xiahe, one of the main pilgrimage sites for Tibetan Buddhists and crossing the Tibetan Plateau. The trip ends in Xi'an, with a visit to the world-famous Terracotta Warriors.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Xi'an
  2. Day2Xi'an
  3. Day3Pingliang
  4. Day4Lanzhou Gansu Corridor
  5. Day5Xiahe
  6. Day6Xiahe
  7. Day7Liujiaxia Bingling Si
  8. Day8Zhangye Wildcamp
  9. Day9Jiayuguan
  10. Day10Dunhuang
  11. Day11Dunhuang
  12. Day12Hami Wildcamp
  13. Day13Turpan
  14. Day14Turpan
  15. Day15 - 16Urumqi & The Heavenly Lake
  16. Day17Bayanbulak Wildcamp
  17. Day18Aksu Wildcamp
  18. Day19 - 21Kashgar
  19. Day22Kashgar Lake Karakol
  20. Day23Lake Karakol Kashgar
  21. Day24Tash Rabat Torugart Pass
  22. Day25Kochkor Kochkor Homestay
  23. Day26Bishkek
  24. Day27Bishkek
  25. Day28 - 29Chong Kemin Valley
  26. Day30Kara-kol
  27. Day31 - 32Jeti-Oghuz Valley
  28. Day33Kochkor Kochkor Homestay
  29. Day34 - 35Song Kol Lake
  30. Day36 - 38Kyrgyz Fergana Valley
  31. Day39Arslanbob
  32. Day40Ferghana City Fergana Valley
  33. Day41Tashkent
  34. Day42Tashkent
  35. Day43Samarkand
  36. Day44Samarkand
  37. Day45Samarkand
  38. Day46Nurata
  39. Day47Bukhara
  40. Day48Bukhara
  41. Day49Bukhara
  42. Day50Khiva
  43. Day51Khiva
  44. Day52Kunye Urgench
  45. Day53Darwasa
  46. Day54Ashgabat
  47. Day55Ashgabat
  48. Day56Ashgabat
  49. Day57Geok Tepe Ashgabat
  50. Day58Turkmenbashi
  51. Day59Overnight Ferry
  52. Day60Baku
  53. Day61Baku
  54. Day62Baku
  55. Day63Gobustan
  56. Day64Sheki
  57. Day65Lagodekhi
  58. Day66Telavi
  59. Day67Telavi
  60. Day68Tbilisi
  61. Day69Tbilisi
  62. Day70Kazbegi
  63. Day71Gori Kazbegi
  64. Day72Kutaisi
  65. Day73Batumi
  66. Day74Sumela
  67. Day75Zara
  68. Day76Goreme
  69. Day77Goreme
  70. Day78Tuz Golu Goreme
  71. Day79Istanbul
  72. Day80Istanbul

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