Trans Himalayan between Kathmandu and Xi'an - NEW!

Asia is the continent where overlanding all started, and we have been the leading operator there since our first trucks went through in the 1980s - take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading into the wilds, well away from the usual tourist trail. This is an epic journey across the 'Roof of the World'! Starting in the evocative Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, we'll head across the border into the legendary land of Tibet - here we'll cross breathtaking 5000m-high mountain passes as we traverse the highest plateau in the world, taking in some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world including unrivalled views of Mount Everest! On our journey through Tibet, we'll become fully enveloped in the incredible Buddhist culture - we'll see prayer flags snapping in the wind, visit monasteries with burgundy-robed monks and witness a way of life unchanged for centuries. We'll explore the magical city of Lhasa and its iconic Potala Palace before overlanding across the wild northern plateau into central China. Our journey continues through the grasslands of Qinghai Lake, to the phenomenal giant Buddha statue at Bingling Si, before ending this rigorous and challenging trip in the stunning historical city of Xi'an, the home of the world-famous Terracotta Warriors! An incredible trip through a fabled and rarely-visited part of Asia, with some of the best landscapes and fascinating culture in the world. Join us on this unforgettable epic overlanding experience!


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Xi'an
  2. Day2Xi'an
  3. Day3 - 4Pingliang
  4. Day5Lanzhou
  5. Day6 - 8Xiahe
  6. Day9Bingling Si Liujiaxia
  7. Day10 - 11Qinghai Hu
  8. Day12Golmud
  9. Day13 - 15Tanggula Pass Amdo
  10. Day16Lhasa
  11. Day17 - 19Lhasa
  12. Day20Gyantse
  13. Day21Shigatse
  14. Day22New Tingri
  15. Day23Rongbuk
  16. Day24New Tingri
  17. Day25Friendship Highway
  18. Day26 - 27Kodari
  19. Day28 - 29Dhulikhel
  20. Day30Kathmandu
  21. Day31Kathmandu


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