Incas, Trails & Condors

Visiting: Peru

Code: DXLC

Kitty: As this trip is an overland trip. it has a kitty on top of the tour price. As our kitty is flexible the indicated amount is indicative only - please click here to view the kitty amount for your departure date.

DXLC Kitty Details

This trip is an overland trip run in an overland truck. In addition to paying for your trip, you're require to make a separate payment to your tour leader at the start of the trip, usually in USD. Kitties are flexible and change as prices are updated. Therefore you should check the latest kitty amount on this website before you depart.

A kitty is a group fund which covers all accommodation, meals while camping (not in hotels) and activities listed as included. It's a system unique to overlanding to provide the maximum flexibility and best value on the road (you get everything at cost price!). The kitty is your money, not ours, so any amount left over is divided among the group as a refund.

Trip CodeStart DateEnd DateCurrencyKitty
XLCSunday 31 May 2015Tuesday 16 Jun 2015USD960.00
XLCMonday 22 Jun 2015Wednesday 08 Jul 2015USD960.00
XLCTuesday 23 Jun 2015Thursday 09 Jul 2015USD960.00
XLCMonday 13 Jul 2015Wednesday 29 Jul 2015USD960.00
XLCWednesday 05 Aug 2015Friday 21 Aug 2015USD960.00
XLCFriday 14 Aug 2015Sunday 30 Aug 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 16 Aug 2015Tuesday 01 Sep 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 23 Aug 2015Tuesday 08 Sep 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 13 Sep 2015Tuesday 29 Sep 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 27 Sep 2015Tuesday 13 Oct 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 01 Nov 2015Tuesday 17 Nov 2015USD960.00
XLCThursday 05 Nov 2015Saturday 21 Nov 2015USD960.00
XLCTuesday 08 Dec 2015Thursday 24 Dec 2015USD960.00
XLCTuesday 08 Dec 2015Thursday 24 Dec 2015USD960.00
XLCSunday 10 Jan 2016Tuesday 26 Jan 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 31 Jan 2016Tuesday 16 Feb 2016USD960.00
XLCFriday 19 Feb 2016Sunday 06 Mar 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 21 Feb 2016Tuesday 08 Mar 2016USD960.00
XLCTuesday 08 Mar 2016Thursday 24 Mar 2016USD960.00
XLCFriday 18 Mar 2016Sunday 03 Apr 2016USD960.00
XLCFriday 01 Apr 2016Sunday 17 Apr 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 24 Apr 2016Tuesday 10 May 2016USD960.00
XLCTuesday 26 Apr 2016Thursday 12 May 2016USD960.00
XLCTuesday 17 May 2016Thursday 02 Jun 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 22 May 2016Tuesday 07 Jun 2016USD960.00
XLCFriday 10 Jun 2016Sunday 26 Jun 2016USD960.00
XLCFriday 01 Jul 2016Sunday 17 Jul 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 03 Jul 2016Tuesday 19 Jul 2016USD960.00
XLCTuesday 19 Jul 2016Thursday 04 Aug 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 24 Jul 2016Tuesday 09 Aug 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 14 Aug 2016Tuesday 30 Aug 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 28 Aug 2016Tuesday 13 Sep 2016USD960.00
XLCWednesday 07 Sep 2016Friday 23 Sep 2016USD960.00
XLCSunday 11 Sep 2016Tuesday 27 Sep 2016USD960.00
XLCWednesday 12 Oct 2016Friday 28 Oct 2016USD960.00
XLCWednesday 02 Nov 2016Friday 18 Nov 2016USD960.00
XLCThursday 24 Nov 2016Saturday 10 Dec 2016USD960.00
XLCTuesday 27 Dec 2016Thursday 12 Jan 2017USD960.00
XLCFriday 06 Jan 2017Sunday 22 Jan 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 15 Jan 2017Tuesday 31 Jan 2017USD960.00
XLCFriday 03 Feb 2017Sunday 19 Feb 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 19 Feb 2017Tuesday 07 Mar 2017USD960.00
XLCSaturday 25 Feb 2017Monday 13 Mar 2017USD960.00
XLCFriday 17 Mar 2017Sunday 02 Apr 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 19 Mar 2017Tuesday 04 Apr 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 09 Apr 2017Tuesday 25 Apr 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 09 Apr 2017Tuesday 25 Apr 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 30 Apr 2017Tuesday 16 May 2017USD960.00
XLCTuesday 16 May 2017Thursday 01 Jun 2017USD960.00
XLCSunday 28 May 2017Tuesday 13 Jun 2017USD960.00

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