Africa East & South between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

Visiting: Kenya,Tanzania

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YNDMonday 19 Jan 2015Sunday 01 Feb 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 21 Feb 2015Friday 06 Mar 2015USD1270.00
YNDMonday 02 Mar 2015Sunday 15 Mar 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 04 Apr 2015Friday 17 Apr 2015USD1270.00
YNDMonday 25 May 2015Sunday 07 Jun 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 27 Jun 2015Friday 10 Jul 2015USD1270.00
YNDMonday 06 Jul 2015Sunday 19 Jul 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 08 Aug 2015Friday 21 Aug 2015USD1270.00
YNDMonday 05 Oct 2015Sunday 18 Oct 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 07 Nov 2015Friday 20 Nov 2015USD1270.00
YNDMonday 16 Nov 2015Sunday 29 Nov 2015USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 19 Dec 2015Friday 01 Jan 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 04 Jan 2016Sunday 17 Jan 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 20 Feb 2016Friday 04 Mar 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 19 Mar 2016Friday 01 Apr 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 21 Mar 2016Sunday 03 Apr 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 23 Apr 2016Friday 06 May 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 23 May 2016Sunday 05 Jun 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 20 Jun 2016Sunday 03 Jul 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 25 Jun 2016Friday 08 Jul 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 01 Aug 2016Sunday 14 Aug 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 03 Sep 2016Friday 16 Sep 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 10 Oct 2016Sunday 23 Oct 2016USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 12 Nov 2016Friday 25 Nov 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 05 Dec 2016Sunday 18 Dec 2016USD1270.00
YNDSunday 18 Dec 2016Saturday 31 Dec 2016USD1270.00
YNDMonday 19 Dec 2016Sunday 01 Jan 2017USD1270.00
YNDMonday 16 Jan 2017Sunday 29 Jan 2017USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 21 Jan 2017Friday 03 Feb 2017USD1270.00
YNDSaturday 04 Mar 2017Friday 17 Mar 2017USD1270.00
YNDMonday 20 Mar 2017Sunday 02 Apr 2017USD1270.00
Africa East & South between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

This is a classic trip that covers the highlights of the region and deserves its reputation as one of the best trips in Africa. After leaving Nairobi, you head straight to the Masai Mara for an incredible 3 day jeep safari through the National Park, with fantastic opportunities to see the 'Big 5' as well as a wealth of other wildlife. The game viewing continues after you cross the border into Tanzania, with safaris in both the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro National Parks, both packed with animals and home to some truly spectacular scenery. You will camp on the slopes of majestic snow-capped Kilimanjaro and explore the local village of Mto wa Mbu. The trip ends with 5 days of blissful relaxation, first on the white beaches south of Dar, and then on the idyllic spice island of Zanzibar. Sun, sea, Swahili and safari is a good summary of the trip!
Border Information: If you are joining the trip in Nairobi, you will most likely enter Kenya at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Welcome to Nairobi! If you would like to explore Nairobi fully, we advise you arrive a day earlier to give yourself the time to see some of the highlights in the city - possible activities include visiting the Karen Blixen Museum, the National Museum and the Langata Giraffe Centre. There will be a group meeting today at the Kivi Milimani Hotel at 10:00am - your tour leader will meet you at the hotel reception. Please do not be alarmed if there is no welcome note on your arrival, as the previous day is often a travelling day for the tour leader and they will often be unable to reach the Kivi Milimani until this morning's meeting. Address - Kivi Milmani Hotel, Milimani Road, Nairobi. After the group meeting, we will be met by our 6-person 4x4 jeeps that will take us on our 2-night excursion to the Maasai Mara. We will load the jeeps with our personal gear (but we will not need our camping equipment) and then head off to Maasai Mara, leaving our truck behind. We will also be leaving our large bags behind (where they will be stored in a secure location in Nairobi), and advise you to bring along a smaller daypack for your personal gear for this trip that will need to be packed soon after the group meeting before we set off. You should pack clothing for 3 days (including a warm jumper or fleece and long trousers), a waterproof jacket, toiletries (including sun screen and insect repellent), your camera and charger, a small towel, a head torch, a water bottle, books and personal snacks, etc. On arrival, we will have the chance for a short evening game drive in the Maasai Mara National Park before heading to our campsite. The Maasai Mara is an incredibly scenic area and is one of the world's greatest places for wildlife spotting which is absolutely teeming with giraffe, buffalo, zebra, elephants, lions, cheetah, leopards, and other big game! On both nights at the Maasai Mara, we will stay in a basic campground on the outskirts of the National Park. The campsite has set-tents and bedding, but is self-catered (we will use our kitchen equipment brought from the truck).


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Nairobi Maasai Mara National Reserve
  2. Day2Maasai Mara National Reserve
  3. Day3Nairobi
  4. Day4Arusha
  5. Day5Serengeti National Park
  6. Day6Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Crater
  7. Day7Ngorongoro Crater Mto Wa Mbu
  8. Day8Mto Wa Mbu Marangu
  9. Day9Lushoto Dar Es Salaam
  10. Day10Dar Es Salaam
  11. Day11Zanzibar
  12. Day12 - 13Zanzibar
  13. Day14Dar Es Salaam

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