Andes & Amazon between Quito and Lima - NEW!

Overlanding is the best way to see South America by far! We have been leading the way in South American overland expeditions since 1990, so take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading to some unique hidden gems, well away from the usual tourist trail. If you've only got three weeks in which to sample South America, you couldn't do better than visit Ecuador and Peru. These two countries, rich in culture and landscape, are like South America in a nutshell, with terrain that ranges from steaming jungle to the dizzying pinnacles of the high Andes. Beginning in the buzzing Ecuadorian capital of Quito - a city that is a fusion of European and native cultures - you'll head into the atmospheric Andean rainforest on the upper slopes of the Amazon basin to explore the jungle from our fantastic lodge. From there we'll head into the stunning hills near Quilotoa and explore the area on foot, before overlanding to the serene colonial town of Cuenca. We'll then descend to the coast at Peru's idyllic beaches of Punta Sal, before crossing the stunning northern deserts to the myseterious ancient Moche and Chimú ruins of Chan Chan and Huaca de la Luna. Finally we will climb into the spectacular high Andes and visit the mountain town of Huaraz, before our fantastic and varied trip ends in Peru's busy capital of Lima. A truly unforgettable trip!


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Lima
  2. Day2Huaraz
  3. Day3 - 4Huaraz
  4. Day5Huanchaco
  5. Day6Huanchaco
  6. Day7Punta Sal Lambayeque
  7. Day8Punta Sal
  8. Day9Cuenca
  9. Day10Cuenca
  10. Day11Chugchilan
  11. Day12Lake Quilotoa Chugchilan
  12. Day13Rio Verde
  13. Day14 - 15Rio Verde Banos
  14. Day16Amazon Jungle
  15. Day17 - 18Amazon Jungle
  16. Day19Quito
  17. Day20Quito


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