Silk Route between Ulaanbaatar and Ulaanbaatar - NEW!

Asia is the continent where overlanding all started, and we have been the leading operator there since our first trucks went through in the 1980s - take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading into the wilds, well away from the usual tourist trail. A trip through Mongolia is one that is guaranteed to be memorable, eventful, and an unforgettable adventure! Mongolia is one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in the world, where nomadic herders still tend to their flocks amongst vast grasslands, gers remain the accommodation of choice and it's still possible to to travel for days without meeting another human being, let alone fellow western travellers. The country is an overlander's paradise, with challenging roads, stunning scenery in which we can wild camp anywhere we like, and a unique and welcoming culture. Whilst Mongolia has come a long way since the days of Genghis Khan, its landscape of desolate rolling plains, glistening lakes and beautiful forests has made this adventurous destination an outdoor lovers' dream. From Ulaanbaatar we will head west through the central region of Mongolia, past the fascinating Erdene Zuu monastery to the phenomenal natural beauty of the Orkhon Valley and the Tsenkher hot springs. We then make the stunning journey north to the remote and spectacular Khövsgöl Lake before heading back towards the capital. Join us on this epic and truly unforgettable overland experience in Mongolia - this is the trip that overlanding was made for!


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Ulaanbaatar
  2. Day2Ulaanbaatar
  3. Day3Ogii Lake
  4. Day4Kharkhorin
  5. Day5 - 6Orkhon Valley
  6. Day7 - 8
  7. Day9Tsetserleg Tamir River
  8. Day10Chuulut Canyon
  9. Day11Khorgo
  10. Day12 - 13Murun Zuun Lake
  11. Day14 - 15Lake Khovsgol
  12. Day16 - 18Bulgan Selenge River
  13. Day19Amarbayasgalant Monastery
  14. Day20Ulaanbaatar
  15. Day21Ulaanbaatar


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