Super Massive Giant China

Big country, big trip. Get the good times underway exploring Beijing and the Great Wall. Meander back in time in Xi’an, the Huizhou region and a Tulou village. Then it’s back to the future in Hong Kong. 
In 210BC when the first Emperor of China died, he had every man working on the Terracotta Army buried alive to keep him company. But he also unified China and standardised writing. So, you could argue he's not a total monster.
Some of the destinations visited on this tour are very popular with Chinese domestic tourists including the Great Wall, Hongcun and Huangshan and as such can be extremely crowded on weekends. Based on feedback from our travellers and in order to avoid the crowds and have a much more enjoyable experience of these fantastic places, we have changed the start day of our Super Massive Giant China trips from Friday to Wednesday. 


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1-4Beijing
  2. Day2-4Great Wall
  3. Day5-6Xi'an
  4. Day7Shanghai
  5. Day8-10Huangshan & Hongcun
  6. Day11-12Shanghai
  7. Day13-14Xiamen
  8. Day15Tulou Village
  9. Day16-18Yangshuo
  10. Day19-21Longji Rice Terraces
  11. Day22-23Hong Kong

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