Caribbean There, Done That

Mexico, Belize and Guatemala – three very tight Amigos. Play like a player in Playa del Carmen and take it easy in Tulum. Delve into island life and underwater worlds alike in Belize. Check out thetemples of Tikal, the markets of Chichicastenango and the lake vistas of Panajachel. 

Some essential Spanish to get you by:

  • Where can we surf? – Donde se puede hacer surf?
  • It is hot, isn’t it? – Hace calor, verdad?
  • A glass of red wine – un vino tinto
  • I love you Miguel – Te quiero Miguel


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Playa del Carmen
  2. Day2-3Tulum
  3. Day4-6Caye Caulker
  4. Day7-8San Ignacio
  5. Day9Tikal Ruins
  6. Day10-11Rio Dulce
  7. Day12Antigua
  8. Day13Chichicastenango - San Jorge La Laguna
  9. Day14Panajachel
  10. Day15-17Antigua
  11. Day1Playa del Carmen
  12. Day2-3Tulum
  13. Day4-6Caye Caulker
  14. Day7-8San Ignacio
  15. Day9Tikal
  16. Day10-11Rio Dulce
  17. Day12Antigua
  18. Day13Chichicastenango - San Jorge La Laguna
  19. Day14Panajachel
  20. Day15-17Antigua

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