Delhi to Kathmandu

Safari in Nepal's Chitwan National Park, Visit the birthplace of Buddha, Discover the sights and sounds of Kathmandu, Breathe in the beauty of Himalayan panoramas, View sunrise over the temples of Varanasi, Be romanced by the Taj Mahal, See the sights of Old Delhi, Sail the River Ganges, Explore ruins and rural life in Orchha

Travel from India to Nepal on an overland trip from Delhi to Kathmandu. From reminders of the Mughal dynasty in northern India to the snow-capped Himalayas of Nepal, this trip will truly inspire. Witness the colour and contrast between the bazaars of Delhi, the jungle in Orchha and the sacred Ganges. Be awed by the Taj Mahal and see sunrise over the holy city of Varanasi. Come face-to-face with pilgrims, villagers, holy men and shopkeepers. For those wanting to travel by land between these two very different neighbours, this is the perfect journey.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Delhi
  2. Day2Agra
  3. Day3 - 5Orchha
  4. Day6River Ganges
  5. Day7 - 8Varanasi
  6. Day9Lumbini
  7. Day10 - 12Chitwan National Park
  8. Day13 - 15Kathmandu

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