Burma Sailing ex Phuket (ITSSB)


Day 1: Phuket

Before making the journey into peaceful Burma (Myanmar), spend an evening in the hectic hub of Phuket. Perhaps laze on the beautiful beaches before the sun goes down or dine at one of the delicious beachfront restaurants.

Day 2: Ranong

It’s adventure time. Transfer by private van to Ranong which is near the border of Burma. Time to explore the town or relax with a cold beer or a massage.

Day 3: Myauk Ni Island

Time to set sail for the first island on the Myeik Archipelago tour. The 800 islands are still yet to be thoroughly explored. Head to a prime dive zone for a spot of snorkelling, or stretch out on one of the untouched, white sand beaches.

Day 4: Palu Bada

Pull up anchor and head north to Palu Bada for some more great snorkelling and lazy sailing. The pristine coral reef and marine life aren’t used to many visitors, so be prepared to be blinded by an array of colours and a flurry of large schools of fish. Also, keep an eye out for slippery eels, vibrant octopus and even the occasional whale shark.

Day 5: Lampi Island

Lose the sea legs and jump into village life on the largest island in the southern archipelago. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Moken, or ‘sea gypsies’, a nomadic tribe who live their lives roaming the sea. Their handcrafted wooden boats are used not only to fish, but also as the kitchen, bedroom and dining area.

Day 6: Swinton Island

After a morning sailing south, spot hawksbill turtles among plentiful marine life, chill out on land, or just wait to photograph the perfect archipelago sunset. If the weather is fine, build a campfire to hang out by over dinner (hopefully someone stocked up on marshmallows back in Kawthoung.)

Day 7: Kho Yinn Khwa Island

Let someone else do the cooking after a long day of snorkelling, jungle hiking and lazing on Kho Yinn Khwa’s beach. Try some local Burmese cuisine like mohinga (noodle soup), gyin thohk (ginger salad) and fresh island fruits.

Day 8: Thay Yae Island

Anchor one last time, jump in the turquoise waters of a deserted beach and go for a kayak or snorkel around this pristine water world. The final day in a secluded paradise will draw to a close with a spectacular sunset and a relaxing dinner on board.

Day 9: Phuket

Wake early to watch the sun rise over the Andaman Sea, and farewell your sea-weathered shipmates at Kawthoung immigration pier before crossing back into Thailand.

Visa Information:

Departing from Phuket, discover Burma on an Intrepid sailing adventure and dive into an aquatic playground that is truly one of the world’s best-kept secrets. While the backpackers, honeymooners and day-spa crowds have swarmed to the beaches of Thailand and Bali, Burma’s remote Myeik Archipelago has remained almost frozen in time since the days of the early colonial explorers. Difficult to reach and well-off the tourist trails, sailing through these islands offers the chance to glimpse back to a time before the internet, phones, convenience stores and even denim existed, and experience the traditional clothing, local foods and martial arts of Burma’s virtually untouched island cultures. Be surprised by the wealth of pristine coastline, jungled forests and historical sights that span back to the Stone Age, and by the generous locals, who carry smiles that will warm travellers just as much as the ever-present sunshine. Perhaps a little sleepy from their solitude, these are the faces that will no doubt spark a tourist boom in these quiet islands – so get in quick before the crowds arrive.

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