Gorillas, Chimps & Game Parks

Visiting: Kenya,Rwanda,Uganda


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Trip CodeStart DateEnd DateCurrencyKitty
YXOGSaturday 11 Oct 2014Sunday 26 Oct 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 25 Oct 2014Sunday 09 Nov 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 01 Nov 2014Sunday 16 Nov 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 08 Nov 2014Sunday 23 Nov 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 15 Nov 2014Sunday 30 Nov 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 06 Dec 2014Sunday 21 Dec 2014USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 31 Jan 2015Sunday 15 Feb 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 07 Feb 2015Sunday 22 Feb 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 28 Feb 2015Sunday 15 Mar 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 07 Mar 2015Sunday 22 Mar 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 04 Apr 2015Sunday 19 Apr 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 18 Apr 2015Sunday 03 May 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 23 May 2015Sunday 07 Jun 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 30 May 2015Sunday 14 Jun 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 20 Jun 2015Sunday 05 Jul 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 27 Jun 2015Sunday 12 Jul 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 04 Jul 2015Sunday 19 Jul 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 11 Jul 2015Sunday 26 Jul 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 18 Jul 2015Sunday 02 Aug 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 25 Jul 2015Sunday 09 Aug 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 01 Aug 2015Sunday 16 Aug 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 08 Aug 2015Sunday 23 Aug 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 15 Aug 2015Sunday 30 Aug 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 22 Aug 2015Sunday 06 Sep 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 29 Aug 2015Sunday 13 Sep 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 05 Sep 2015Sunday 20 Sep 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 12 Sep 2015Sunday 27 Sep 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 19 Sep 2015Sunday 04 Oct 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 26 Sep 2015Sunday 11 Oct 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 10 Oct 2015Sunday 25 Oct 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 24 Oct 2015Sunday 08 Nov 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 31 Oct 2015Sunday 15 Nov 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 07 Nov 2015Sunday 22 Nov 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 14 Nov 2015Sunday 29 Nov 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 05 Dec 2015Sunday 20 Dec 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 12 Dec 2015Sunday 27 Dec 2015USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 19 Dec 2015Sunday 03 Jan 2016USD1530.00
YXOGSaturday 26 Dec 2015Sunday 10 Jan 2016USD1530.00
Gorillas, Chimps & Game Parks

Meet Rwanda's gorillas on a mountain trek, Cruise into hippo heaven in the Kazinga Channel, Marvel at swirling rapids near Bujagali Falls - the source of the Nile, Discover the wilderness of Lake Mburo National Park, Be a part of the lively atmosphere in Nairobi city, Spot the Big Five in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Track playful chimps in Kibale Forest


A close encounter with gentle giants on a gorilla safari in Rwanda is an extraordinary African experience that will always stay with you - and it's just one of the many wildlife spottings this unforgettable African overland adventure has to offer. Roam the verdant plains, rainforests, papyrus-fringed lakes and acacia woodlands of Kenya and Uganda's game parks to spot lions, rhinos, chimps, antelope, hippos, leopards, flamingos and more in their natural habitats. The staggeringly beautiful African countryside will provide memories that last a lifetime.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Nairobi
  2. Day2Lake Nakuru
  3. Day3 - 4Eldoret / Kampala
  4. Day5 - 6Kibale Forest National Park
  5. Day7Queen Elizabeth National Park
  6. Day8Lake Bunyonyi
  7. Day9 - 11Gorilla Trek
  8. Day12Lake Mburo
  9. Day13 - 14Jinja
  10. Day15 - 16Eldoret / Nairobi

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