Untamed Borneo

This document contains essential information that you need to prepare for, as well as information you will need during your holiday with us.

We ask that you read it carefully and that you take the document with you on your holiday. It contains information on visas, vaccinations, spending money, etc, as well as a detailed, day by day itinerary of your trip.


What's Included

  • The services of an expert English-speaking local tour leader throughout the tour, and local guides at some sites.
  • Local flight: Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu.
  • Visit Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary and orangutan encounter at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Boat trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park: visit Manukan Island and relax, snorkel or swim.
  • Sightseeing (including entrance fees where relevant): Kundasang - war memorial, guided walk around lower Mt Kinabalu, Sabah tea factory tour and Poring Hot Springs canopy walk.
  • Sightseeing (including entrance fees where relevant): Sepilok - Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Search for wildlife on a cruise on Kinabatangan River.
  • Free time to explore Kota Kinabalu.
  • Arrival transfer.
  • Meals: 9 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.
  • Accommodation: 4 nights hotel, 2 nights cottage, 1 night jungle/rainforest lodge, 2 nights low key beach resort


  • International flights
  • Airport departure taxes
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Other meals
  • Camera fees
  • Any optional tours and activities during free time
  • Tips
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Departure transfer
  • Daily budget


  • Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
  • Kota Kinabalu - Monosopiad Cultural Village
  • Kota Kinabalu - Sabah Museum
  • Kota Kinabalu - State Mosque - FREE
  • Mari Mari Cultural Visit
  • Scuba Diving Tunku Abdul Marine Park
  • Sepilok - Rainforest Discovery Centre


Visas and Permits

Borneo (Malaysia)

The below nationalities do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia, if you are travelling as a tourist for up to three months. Other nationalities will need to check with their closest Malaysian embassy or consulate.

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and USA.

The above information has been put together as a guide. We do endeavor to update this information as much as possible but it’s also important that you check for yourself as visas are the responsibility of the traveller.


Many governments publish up-to-date travel advice for countries around the world. Information is gleaned from both local and international sources as well as ‘friendly’ governments, and the notices are often on the cautious side. Sometimes there will be conflicting information. For example, the Australian, UK and Canadian governments may agree on the nature of the advice; however, frequently they do not. And sometimes the views expressed by a particular government can be coloured by political considerations. We will monitor these travel advisories closely and may alter itineraries or cancel trips as a result. However, it is also your responsibility to stay informed and form a balanced view. We recommend that you visit the websites or contact the departments listed below. Unless otherwise stated, it is not normally the intention of the relevant government travel advice to dissuade you from travelling. Rather, it is to inform you of where and when you should exercise caution to avoid problems. Please also note that, as a responsible tour operator, we maintain constant links with our ground operators and your safety - at all times - is our paramount concern. You can check your government's latest travel advice at one of the links below:

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

U.S. Department of State

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Please ensure that you have a current passport well before travelling. It also needs an accurate photo and should be valid for at least six months after you are scheduled to return home. Also check that your airline tickets are in exactly the same name as your passport.


Every Peregrine traveller is required to have comprehensive travel insurance. This covers you for medical costs associated with hospitalisation, emergency travel and repatriation back to your home country. You can arrange your own insurance or we can recommend a policy for you. Remember to bring a copy of your insurance policy with you so your tour leader can record the details at the pre-tour briefing. If you arrive at your destination without travel insurance, you'll need to organise this before you can continue on your Peregrine journey.


Apart from having travel insurance and being in generally good health, some pre-holiday health preparation is advised. We strongly recommend you visit your doctor to discuss health requirements for your trip. They will advise you regarding the appropriate inoculations and in some places anti-malarial medication may also be required. Some vaccines need to be administered a few weeks before departure so allow plenty of time. Obtain a certificate of vaccination and carry this with you on this trip. A dental checkup is also highly recommended before departure.


Vaccinations may be required or recommended for this trip so you should consult with your travel doctor to obtain the latest up-to-date information. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain any vaccinations or preventative medicines for the countries you are visiting – or any which may be required by your home country upon your return.

For travellers from Australia and New Zealand, we recommend the Travel Doctor-TMVC clinics (see www.traveldoctor.com.au or phone 1300 658 844 for an appointment in Australia). Travellers from countries other than Australia and New Zealand should contact similar organisations or their travel doctor for advice. General health and vaccination information is available to all travellers at
www.traveldoctor.com.au/travelreport. Some vaccines require more than one dose, so arrange for your visit at least 4-6 weeks before you travel.

Malaria: There is no vaccination against malaria, which is transmitted by mosquito bites and is a risk in many less-developed tropical areas in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. Protection against mosquito bites is essential and where the risk is considered high, anti-malarial medications are recommended. Anti-malarial medications should be discussed with experts as there are different medications available and not all medications suit all people or all destinations. Where malaria is considered prevalent in mountainous regions we prefer that trekkers to altitude try to avoid the use of mefloquine (Lariam) if possible.



We recommend that you photocopy the main pages of your passport, your airline ticket, itinerary, insurance policy, traveller's cheques and credit card. Keep one set of photocopies with you, separate from the originals. Leave one set of copies at home with family or friends. It is also worth taking some extra passport photos with you.


General Packing List

Remember - the lighter you travel the better! You may be buying things as you go, so you should not bring too much from home. Many people find a backpack the most suitable type of luggage for our holidays. Medium-sized suitcases can also be used; however, you should avoid the large, bulky cases that are difficult to carry. The lockable suitcases on wheels are the best types to use. Be aware that some hotels in Asia are not over-endowed with lifts (elevators) and there may be occasions when you need to carry your luggage up stairs or along railway platforms, etc.

When packing, consider cultural differences which may mean that some attire that we wear at home is not appropriate in Asia and may be offensive to the local people. Beachwear in towns is not appropriate, nor is 'short' shorts, particularly for women. Light cotton pants are a better option. When visiting sites of religious significance, modest clothing should be worn. Sandals, thongs, flip-flops or jandals are appropriate footwear in the tropics.

When you pack your clothing, consider the climate at the time of year you are travelling and any specific requirements for your trip as at certain times of the year some of the items suggested in the list that follow may not be necessary. Bear in mind that the weather will vary significantly from place to place. The majority of time the weather is warm in South East Asia; however, it may be distinctly cold up in the highlands. If there are specific requirements for a trip, these will be noted in the Trip Notes relating to that trip. Please note that in the last few years, the world’s weather pattern has gone somewhat awry. The effects of ‘El Nino’ and ‘La Nina’ are very real and this has resulted in unseasonable droughts followed by unseasonable deluges. Be prepared for the unexpected! Laundry facilities are available in some destinations.

Below is a list of equipment and documentation that we suggest you take with you. Please use this checklist as a guide when packing for your holiday.

  • Travel documents: passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, air tickets or e-ticket receipts, Trip Notes
  • Photocopy of main passport pages, visa (if required), travel insurance and air tickets
  • Spare passport photos
  • Money: cash/credit card/EFTPOS card
  • Money belt
  • Small padlocks
  • Metal chain and padlock to secure luggage on overnight trains – additional precaution
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Daypack for use on day or overnight excursions
  • Watch/alarm clock and torch/flashlight (and spare batteries)
  • Electrical adapter plug
  • Toiletries/roll of toilet paper/travel wipes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, sunhat and sunglasses
  • Earplugs and eye mask (for light sleepers)
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses (if required)
  • 2 strong plastic garbage bags (for laundry and in case of rain)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Phrase book
  • Warm clothes - when travelling in cooler climates
  • Wind and waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes with good walking socks
  • Camera and spare film (or recharge for digital cameras)
  • Binoculars
  • Swimwear




Borneo (Malaysia)

The unit of currency is the Malaysian ringgit (RM). There are 100 sen in a ringgit and coins come in 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 sen denominations. There is also a new 1 ringgit coin. Notes are available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 ringgit denominations.

Exchange rates

Refer to www.xe.com for current exchange rates.

Accessing Money

Borneo (Malaysia)

Money is safest carried in the form of traveller's cheques; however cash is certainly the easiest for exchange purposes. However the easiest way of obtaining local funds is to use your debit or credit card and draw money from the numerous ATMs available. Please ensure that your card uses a 4-digit pin number. If you do not have a 4-digit pin number, please ask your bank for one before you travel. In Malaysia, exchanging most major foreign currencies such as Australian dollars, US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, English pounds and Swiss francs is not difficult. If you are taking cash, (US dollars suggested) all notes must be new and not marked or torn. If notes are torn, crumpled, nicked or old it may be difficult to exchange them. If you are taking traveller's cheques, American Express and Thomas Cook are the most widely accepted, and in more remote areas, these may be the only types that are recognised. Please note that it can at times be difficult to change traveller's cheques and the whole process can be time-consuming. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted for purchases in many places too. We would suggest you still carry spare cash as a back-up.

Personal Expenses

South East Asia

You will need to take money with you to cover any additional meals/drinks not included in your tour cost. Other costs to consider are drinking water, tips, laundry, souvenirs, additional sightseeing and possible delays. It is much better to come with more than you would expect to spend and to end the trip with a surplus, rather than being caught short! It is always useful to carry an additional amount for emergencies that could happen en route. If there is a medical emergency you are sometimes required to pay at the source and be reimbursed later by your insurance company. As a guideline we suggest that you allow US$20 per day in Asia would allow you to eat and drink reasonably well.

Optional Tours & Activities: We include many sightseeing activities on most of our trips; however, there are additional optional tours and activities that you may wish to undertake during your free time. These may incur additional expenses. These activities are not a mandatory part of our tours because, from past experience, we have found that our travellers have appreciated some free time whilst on tour.

Airport Taxes

Borneo (Malaysia)

There are no departure taxes to be paid locally on departure from Malaysian airports. Please check with your travel agent for the latest information.


Like in most places around the world, the tourism and hospitality industry in Asia has developed a culture of tipping. Often this is the way where someone such as a waiter in a restaurant makes a living. However, we realise that people of some nationalities still find it quite uncomfortable when confronted by this custom. On our trips your tour leader can advise you on this matter, however, as a guideline we would recommend a tip of 10% in restaurants and US$1 to US$3 per person, per day for a local guide. Taxi, rickshaw, cyclo and tuk-tuk drivers can be tipped according to the length of the journey. If you are unhappy with a service, of course, you are under no obligation to leave a tip. However, if the service has been satisfactory, please consider our advice above.

Over the years we have found that many of our travellers find the need for tipping to be both tiresome and embarrassing, especially if they don't have the correct small change. To overcome this, we have established a tipping kitty system. At your group meeting, your tour leader may discuss the idea of running a group tipping kitty, whereby everybody contributes an equal amount and then your tour leader pays the tips while keeping a running record of all monies spent (except restaurant tips). The record can be checked at any time and any money remaining at the end of the tour returned to group members.

This kitty is not designed to provide a tip for your tour leader, so, if you would like to reward your leader for their services, you can do so individually or make a group presentation at the end of your tour. A minimum tip of US$3 per day, from each member of the group, is the usual amount expected. Please don't tip with coins, very small denomination notes, or dirty and ripped notes. This is regarded culturally as an insult.



On arrival

On arrival in Kota Kinabalu, you will be met by a representative and transferred to your start hotel. Please see your final documents for full details of the hotel. Please make sure we are aware of your flight arrival details before you travel.

If you are making your own way from the airport to the hotel, it is a simple matter of catching a taxi. After clearing customs and immigration at Kota Kinabalu Airport and as you exit, you will see a transfer booth where you will pay a set rate for your taxi. The day time rate is approx. RM25 while the evening rates rise to RM30-RM40. You should arrive by Day 1 of the itinerary. There will be a group meeting at 6.00 pm that evening unless you are notified of another time by a message left by your tour leader at the hotel reception desk. This briefing is usually followed by an included group dinner at a local restaurant. Please bring your passport and travel insurance documents to the briefing.

Hotel Check In / Check Out

Generally, your room will be available from around midday. Sometimes it may be available mid-morning but this is in no way guaranteed. If your flight is scheduled to arrive in the early morning you may have to wait until a room becomes available. Alternatively you can book one night's 'pre-tour accommodation' which will ensure that your room is ready whenever you arrive. Rooms must generally be vacated by 12 noon unless you have made prior arrangements with the hotel reception. If you want to keep your room for longer you may have to pay an additional charge.

Photo etiquette

If you want to take someone's photograph, please ask first . This is just normal courtesy and if you are refused permission please abide by that person's wishes. At certain ancient sites, and in most museums, photography (video or still) may be forbidden, or may incur an extra charge for camera-use. Do not take photos of buildings, structures and personnel of potential military significance (including airports, bridges, army barracks, and police stations).

Flexibility and patience

Travelling with us can provide you with some really rewarding travel experiences. Our tours visit countries where travel modes and lifestyles are often not as sophisticated as our own. There is also a laid-back attitude amongst workers and there will often seem to be huge amounts of red tape and bureaucracy when doing the simplest things. You will enjoy your trip much more if you slip into the rhythm of local life and are prepared to take things as they come.

A word on drugs

In most countries even the smallest quantity of an illegal substance is considered a very serious offence and can carry lengthy jail terms. Avoid any contact with illegal drugs. Don’t put yourself and others at risk and never carry bags or luggage for other people. Any person found to be carrying or using illegal drugs will be asked to leave the trip immediately without the right to any refund.


Please note the 2014 brochure itinerary has had some itinerary changes since going to print. These changes mainly affect the order of the itinerary. These trip notes show the most accurate itinerary.


Due to operational reasons this trip departing on the 19th of April will stay at the Celyn Resort Kinabalu on Day 3 instead of 2 nights at the Sabah Tea Plantation.
Day 2 - Sabah Tea Plantation in a cottage - unchanged
Day 3 - Celyn Resort Kinabalu
All activities will still be included as per the trip notes and we are confident that the Celyn Resort is a great replacement. For more information about this property please see the below link, http://www.celyns.com/resort/index.html

Dress Code

Malaysia is liberal Muslim country as many Malaysian women do not wear headscarves. However, Malaysia is very conservative when compared with standards you may be accustomed to at home and you should dress accordingly. As a general guideline, shoulders, cleavage and knees should be covered when travelling in Borneo except when on the beach. Wearing skimpy clothing is considered disrespectful to local culture at many of the small local communities we visit.

Single Supplement 

Our group trips are designed for shared accommodation and don't involve a compulsory single supplement. Single travellers share with people of the same gender in accommodation ranging from twin to multishare. Some of our itineraries have accommodation booked on a mixed gender share basis and where applicable this will be specified in our Trip Notes. On a selection of our trips, you have the option to pay a single supplement to ensure that you have your own accommodation (where available). Please note that this only applies to accommodation during the tour - pre-trip and post-trip accommodation will be booked on a single room basis. 
A single supplement is available on this trip for 2014. Please note it does not include the following nights: 
Days 7 and 8 Manukan Island 
Please note at the Myne resort we use Chalet rooms and Longhouse rooms. When the single room is unavailable in the Chalet you will be accommodated in a single room in the longhouse. Their is no river view in the longhouse rooms. All room facilities are the same.


Please note that we use twin share accommodation at Manukan: some chalets have 1 twin share room with ensuite bathroom whilst others have 2 bedroom chalets with a lounge room - these chalets have 1 bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and the other bedroom’s bathroom is located off the lounge room.

Local Emergency Contacts 

In the case of a genuine crisis or emergency, the Peregrine local office can be reached on Tel: +66 898 103 722 


For travellers of nationalities other than Australian, in particular UK, IRISH, NZ and US please note the government travel warning from these governments has recently been upgraded for travel to Eastern Sabah. Please familiarise yourself with the warning from your government as this may affect your travel insurance. Travel insurance is compulsory on all of our tours and your insurance must cover you for all activities and areas visited as part of this tour. If required, please contact Intrepid for further clarification on this. 

The Spirit of Adventure

Please remember that our tours are of an adventurous nature. Our style of travelling means that it is more desirable to carry a backpack and a daypack on our tours. It is also possible to bring soft suitcases, but large heavy ones can be cumbersome and not always convenient to carry around. A sleeping bag is not required for this trip.

Please note that Borneo is a developing region whose infrastructure, values, customs and standards may differ from what you expect in your homeland. Expect poor road conditions and be prepared for some inconveniences such as restaurants and tourist sites being closed from time to time. Sometimes the transportation may be altered or the itinerary may be changed due to circumstances beyond our control.

This is an 'adventure' trip and we hope to expose you to all aspects of the local culture. Please be open-minded.



Untamed Borneo

Trip Length

Trip Code

10 days



Maximum Passengers

16 people


Countries Visited

Borneo (Malaysia)


Start City

End City

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Day 1: Kota Kinabalu

Meals included: 1 dinner

Accommodation: Horizon Hotel or similar, Gaya Island


  • You will be free to explore Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah until your Welcome Meeting at the hotel. You can find details of the meeting at the hotel’s reception.
  • Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is an intriguing city that was born between the Borneo jungle and the South China Sea. Having recovered from World War II bombings, 'KK' now possesses a gateway charm that can only be found in a frontier town.
  • If you have enough free time, why not immerse yourself in local history at the Sabah State Museum, visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village (once home to a notorious headhunter).
  • Tonight you enjoy a Welcome Dinner that showcases the delicious cuisine in Kota Kinabalu.

Day 2: Kinabalu National Park

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Sabah Tea Garden Cottage or similiar, Kinabalu National Park


  • Leaving Kota Kinabalu behind, you'll head for the hills and the beautiful Kinabalu National Park that encompasses Mount Kinabalu.
  • Arriving in time for lunch, you will have the afternoon to stretch your legs and take in the mountain views or many of the numerous walking trails - keeping an eye out for birds, snakes and the odd little leech.
  • There is plenty to see and do here. The Mountain Botanic Garden is an excellent showcase of the diverse plant life on the mountain, as flora from all over the park has been replanted here.
  • In the afternoon you will drive to Sabah Tea Plantation where we will stay.

Day 3: Kinabalu National Park - Poring Hot Springs

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Sabah Tea Garden Cottage or similiar, Kinabalu National Park


  • Today you will get up early to catch glimpses of this mighty monolith before the cloud rises for the day. You will then get to visit the tea factory and learn about tea production. Please note that at various times throughout the year the tea factory may not be in production.
  • After an Asian breakfast you then take a day trip to Poring Hot Springs (approx. 1 hr), where you will have time to soak in the famous thermal pools, take in the trails that abound within the reserve, or have a refreshing swim in a nearby waterfall.
  • You will take to the treetops on the canopy walk. 
  • Please note for the trip departing on the 19th of April 2014 there is an amendment to the accommodation. Please see "Other Important Information" section of this document for further information.

Day 4: Kinabatangan River

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Myne Resort or similiar, Sukau - Kinabatangan River


  • You will travel to the lower Kinabatangan River, Bilet, today (approximately 4-5 hours).
  • The Kinabatangan River itself is the second longest in Malaysia. It stretches 560 kilometres from Mt Trus Madi to the Sulu Sea. It is surrounded by a protected forest reserve, and an abundance of Borneo’s wildlife.
  • You will take a lazy river cruise in the afternoon, where you will have the opportunity to spot some of the aforementioned wildlife, crocodiles, macaques, orangutan, proboscis monkeys, along with kingfishers and hornbills are among the more frequently spotted animals. Wild elephants are a rare sight these days.
  • You will return to the chalet in time for dinner, and for the adventurous, there will be an optional night trek.

Day 5: Sandakan

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Nak Hotel or similiar, Sandakan


  • After a morning river cruise you will depart for Sandakan today (approx 2.5-3 hours).
  • On the way you will have the opportunity to visit Black Cave, located within an intricate network of caves called Gomantong Caves. These caves are particularly noteworthy thanks to the valuable and edible swiftlet nests that lie within. These nests are used in bird’s nest soup. Traditionally, bird’s nest collection was an art and ritual, but in the modern era locals are required to have a license to climb to the rood of the caves to harvest the nests
  • As we near Sandakan we will make a stop at the Sandakan War Memorial.
  • You will gain an insight into the city's tumultuous past at this emotive War Memorial. The memorial was built on the site of a Japanese POW camp.
  • This site also marks the starting point of the tragic Sandakan Death Marches – where 2400 POWs were forced to walk through the jungles of Borneo.
  • Only six Australians survived this march, and all six were only able to do so because they escaped.
  • Once capital of British North Borneo, Sandakan has strong trading ties with Hong Kong traditionally.
  • The myriad of Chinese temples, the flavours in the local cuisine and bustling harbourside markets are a testament to these ties.

Day 6: Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre - Sandakan

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Nak Hotel or similiar, Sandakan


  • You will head to Sepilok today to visit some rare and beautiful creatures.
  • You will visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, where you will have an opportunity to see these famous monkeys - found only on the island of Borneo - feeding with their different family or bachelor groups. If you are lucky you might also see a hornbill or two.
  • You will also spend some time at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre - a reserve set up to help rehabilitate and re-introduce orphaned or domesticated creatures back into the wild.
  • To aid their adaptation, a supplementary diet of bananas and milk is laid out on feeding platforms twice daily. You will be able to watch and photograph these charming creatures as they swing into view on ropes and vines from a viewing platform.
  • It is very important that you don’t interrupt the orangutans, as human contact must be kept to a minimum to ensure their full recovery and successful re-introduction.
  • Return to Sandakan for the night.

Day 7-8: Kota Kinabalu - Manukan Island

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 Lunch

Accommodation: Manukan Island Resort or similiar, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park


  • You will be transferred to the Sandakan today for a flight to Kota Kinabalu. Keep in mind that the luggage allowance for this flight is only 15kg, and any excess baggage charges will have to be covered by you.
  • Manukan Island is found just 20 minutes off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, and is one of the larger islands found in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park. You will take a boat from Kota Kinabalu to Manukan Island
  • You will spend two days on the island, the first of which will be free for you to explore and partake in some local activities.
  • You might enjoy going for a walk along the 1.5km beach at low tide, going for a swim, or simply taking the opportunity to relax at the end of a bit trip.
  • On your second day on the island, you will go on a snorkelling trip, where you will hopefully see brightly coloured tropical fish and coral.
  • You will spend one last night in tropical paradise before returning to Kota Kinabalu.

Day 9-10: Kota Kinabalu

Meals included: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch

Accommodation: Horizon Hotel or similar, Gaya Island


  • You will return to Kota Kinabalu today by boat.
  • The rest of the day will be free for you to relax beach side before an optional farewell dinner with your new travel friends.
  • The trip will come to an end after breakfast on Day 10.


The information provided here is given in good faith and has been compiled with all reasonable care. However, things change and some of the information may become out of date. Please keep this in mind when you read it and check with us if you want to be sure about something. The document was correct at time of printing, but you can check online for the most up to date version.  If you have any queries, please contact us. We are here to help you!

Last Updated

14 April 2014

  • Leaving Kota Kinabalu behind, you'll head for the hills and the beautiful Kinabalu National Park that encompasses Mount Kinabalu.
  • Arriving in time for lunch, you will have the afternoon to stretch your legs and take in the mountain views or many of the numerous walking trails - keeping an eye out for birds, snakes and the odd little leech.
  • There is plenty to see and do here. The Mountain Botanic Garden is an excellent showcase of the diverse plant life on the mountain, as flora from all over the park has been replanted here.
  • In the afternoon you will drive to Sabah Tea Plantation where we will stay.
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