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To explore the ancient lands of Jordan and Israel is to come face to face with the various epochs of history that have made us who we are. The Jordanian capital, Amman, was previously known as Philadelphia and its Roman theatre reminds us of the glories of that great empire. Mysterious Petra appears out of nowhere – a remarkable rose-coloured city hewn from the sandstone cliffs by the Nabataean people and now regarded as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’. The desert at Wadi Rum resonates to the exploits of T.E. Lawrence, more popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia. Then, there is Jerusalem – one of history’s great cities and a holy site for many of the world’s religions. From the Wailing Wall to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and from the Temple Mount to the narrow streets of the Old City, there are few cities in the world that are more evocative, exciting and still have meaning to so many people. Our adventure ends in Tel Aviv after a visit to Nazareth and the beautiful Sea of Galilee.


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Trip Itinerary

  1. Day1Amman
  2. Day2Aqaba
  3. Day3Wadi Rum
  4. Day4Wadi Rum - Petra
  5. Day5Petra
  6. Day6Shobak Castle - Amman
  7. Day7Jerash - Dead Sea
  8. Day8Amman - Jerusalem
  9. Day9Jerusalem
  10. Day10Jerusalem
  11. Day11Nazareth - Sea of Galilee
  12. Day12Tiberias - Tel Aviv
  13. Day13Tel Aviv

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