Matt on visiting the Galapagos

Matt travelled to the Galapagos in July. Here he describes the daily cruise routine.

Galapagos cruising – a typical day

Most mornings the day started with a buffet-style breakfast at 6am after which we then travelled to the shore of a new island, having motored there overnight. An inflatable boat with an outboard engine took us ashore each time. The landings were either wet (wading ashore) or dry (clambering onto rocks on arrival) depending on whether there was a dock to go to. There then followed a guided walk, keeping to the well-marked trails. The wildlife were oblivious to us, nesting right by the trail sometimes and totally ignoring our presence – after all, they were there first!

Lunch back on board would be about midday during which the boat usually moved to a different spot. We would then be transferred to a new landing place where normally a walk was followed by a chance to relax on the beach with the sea lions or swim around the reefs. Each time we would arrive back at the boat, the barman would be stood like an English butler with a tray of nibbles and drinks for us. Late afternoon was spent snorkelling around the boat (often joined by sharks!) or relaxing on the sun deck.

Every night our guide would brief us on what would happen the next day and then followed dinner. The food was excellent and a bar available to purchase beer, wine and spirits. Most people were in bed by 8.30 ready for the next day’s adventure!


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