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10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar

1. Wildlife

Well of course! Madagascar is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. Approximately 95 percent of Madagascar’s reptiles, 89 percent of its plant life and 92 per cent of its mammals exist nowhere else on earth!

Chameleon on branch, Madagascar wildlife


2. Tsingey National Park

This utterly mesmerising stone forest has been formed by hundreds of years of tropical rain that has eroded the rock.

Visit Madagascar, Tsingey National Park


3. Ifate Beach

This small fishing village is perfectly located on an aquamarine lagoon – life here is SERIOUSLY easy going… Unless you're a tasty fish.

Madagascar, Ifate Beach


4. Baobab Alley

The Baobab tree is a sacred tree native to Madagascar and protected by locals because of cultural ‘taboos’ or 'fady.' Seeing the sun set from Baobab Alley is a truly magical experience.

Madagascar, Baobab Tree


5. Learning about fady

Madagascar’s cultural fady are taboos that arose from ancient folk tales, myths and legends. Some are beautiful stories, some are ways of teaching children about the world and some are moral guidelines and laws. An important and fascinating part of Malagasy culture.

Madagascar Culture, Fady Legends


6. Getting up close to Lemurs in Perinet National Park

There are 103 living species of native lemurs living in Madagascar which are protected by local ‘fady’ which claim that they are actually human spirits and protectors of the living.

Madagascar Wildlife, Lemur in Perinet National Park


7. Tsimanampetsotsa flamingo lake

90 percent of all species found in this area are endemic, making this another magical experience. The lake is populated by 2000 year old squat baobabs, the radiated tortoise - considered the most beautiful tortoise in the world - and pink dwarf flamingos... to name only a few!

 Flamingoes in Madagascar

8. Colourful culture

The first humans to settle in Madagascar arrived over 2000 years ago in canoes from Borneo, over time, African, Asian and European settler groups arrived. Today, Madagascar is a melting pot of different languages, customs, religions and cuisines.

people of madagascar


9. Isalo National Park

A park full of sandstone formations, deep canyons, palm-lined oases and hidden 'Piscine Naturelles’ (natural swimming pools) – we can see why this place is also known as ‘Eden’.

madagascar-isalo-national park


10. Antanarivo

This city really does reflect the magic and mystery of Madagascar. Cobbled streets lined with multi-coloured houses, palaces, bustling markets and hawkers…surrounded by rice paddies. The nightlife is surprisingly good too!... So dance!

madagascar-smiling lady-antanarivo

As you can see, Madagascar is wonderfully adventurous place to visit and is getting more popular by the day. Take a look at our Madagascar tours today or contact our tailor-made specialists to arrange your own trip!




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