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Gemma Gilbert - Sales

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Gemma Gilbert - Sales



A bit about Gemma

As a child I was taken on fantastic family holidays all over the UK and they would always involve exploring the area fully and making the most of every day.  In later years our family ventured further afield, to various parts of America, and all over Europe.  This served as the basis of my love to explore, travel and experience everything the world has to offer.  I have been lucky enough to travel to many places around Europe, as well as further afield including Ecuador, the Galapogos Islands, Morocco, Thailand and Borneo.  I am now hugely fortunate to have joined the Imaginative Traveller team and hope to help others to explore the world, as well as continue my own journey.


What is your Favourite Destination

The Galapogos Islands were out of this world, the wildlife and scenery was absolutely spectacular.  I am, however always drawn to the mountains and a little bit of my heart will always be in the English Lake District.


Favourite/most memorable moment

Has to be when I was in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, we were freezing and drenched due to the pouring rain.  We came across a Nomad family who upon seeing us instantly invited us to join them under their shelter which was filled with smoke from the roaring fire, making your eyes sting. They served us with sweet mint tea and  were the friendliest most humble people.


Next destination on the list

I have my eye on a trip to Sri Lanka, and would love to see more of South America.




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