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Active Galapagos with Imaginative Traveller

Mike Collins travelled on an Active Galapagos trip recently... here's what he had to say about it:

"Active Galapagos with Imaginative Traveller… All I can say is that all the usual superlatives describe this trip; holiday of a lifetime, fun, adventurous, amazing, and so much more. 

The Galapagos was on my trip bucket list for a good few years and I was lucky enough to be joined by my daughter on this fabulous trip. Her words to me, un-prompted, at the end of the adventure were: "Wow Dad, I so loved that, what a great place to go for a honeymoon!" Now, Rachel is only 19 and I had no idea she was thinking like that.

Seriously though whether you are a hardened traveller or a tourist looking to stretch the boundaries a little, take the opportunity to meet the Galapagos. You will find the most amazing creatures, snorkel or dive with penguins and sea lions, see white tipped sharks and hammer heads swimming deep underneath you and giant sea turtles lumbering through the water.

We chose this land-based itinerary over a live aboard as we were keen to meet the locals and share the land-based side of the islands too; we enjoyed meeting the Giant turtles and sharing local cuisine with our group in the evenings. I could say so much more, but your best bet is to jump on a plane and head to the Galapagos for your own adventure; talk to the team at Imaginative Traveller now..."

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