Chichen Itza Mexico

Arguably the most famous Mayan site in Mexico, Chichen Itza derives its name from the deep, naturally occurring well, located near the centre of the site. During the heyday of this city, this well was used for human sacrifice! But it is the astounding and unique architecture - a result of the invasion by the Toltec people - that makes this site so incredible.

Chitchen Itza

The imposing Temple of Kukulkan dominates the site and affords fantastic views over the ruins. It is believed that this pyramid was built by the Mayans for astronomical and astrological purposes. It has a total of 365 steps, one for each day of the year, and at the equinox a shadow in the shape of a serpent is cast down the pyramid. The shadow moves with the rising and setting of the sun.

Many of our adventure holidays to Mexico visit Chichen Itza en route to or from Cancun.

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