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Adventures by Train

"Most People Have That Fantasy Of Catching The Train That Whistles In The Night." Willie Nelson

From the Orient Express to the Trans-Siberian, famous train journeys have appealed throughout the ages to any intrepid traveller.  Joining the locals to get from A to B on a train is often the best part of any adventure holiday. The grandiose, railways station buildings, the melee of the platforms, the bunks, couchettes and dining car, the intriguing-looking trays of food passing through the carriages and the fun that can be had chatting - or simply using hand signals - to the is the best way to experience a country at grassroots level.  And hey, what can beat going to sleep in one exciting place and waking up in yet another exciting new destination?!   

We have a number of trips that involve train journeys - the Reunification Express in Vietnam, bullet trains in Japan, the stunning route through the Andes between Machu Picchu and Cusco in Peru, overnight train journeys in Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, China, Egypt and Russia, toy trains in India, the cog train up Rio's Corcovado Mountain and even a Bamboo train in Cambodia.

Hop on a train with us on these brilliant adventures:

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Classic Vietnam

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Land of the Rising Sun

Highlights of Northern India

Classic South India

Beijing to Moscow

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