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Around Iran in 20 photos

Iran is possibly one of the most misunderstood places on earth; a fascinating mix of culture, history, architecture and people.

Photographer Mike Marlowe takes us on a visual adventure through this unique and beautiful country...


Student Shiraz Iran

Shiraz, in the South, has a large student population that love to meet tourists and foreigners.


Arches in Esfahan Iran

The stunning bridge at Esfahan with 33 arches, one for each entrance in to heaven.


Metro Mullah, Iran

A Mullah at a metro station in Tehran. Passengers will stop and ask advice about religious affairs.


Roof design_Iran Architecture

A stunning roof design of typical Islamic patterns.


Man and Aunt, Quashqai, Iran

A man and his Aunt at the Quashqai village in Iran.


Young woman Iran

Young woman posing for a picture. Iranians are outgoing and friendly and love to be in photos.


Sheikh Loftollah Mosque, Iran

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran.


Beautiful Imam Mosque in Iran

The stunning design and construction inside the Imam Mosque in Iran.


Chadors, local women in Iran

A group of women wearing chadors watching a parade in Iran.


Teenagers, Iran Photos

Young teenagers playing around and showing off for the camera.


Yazd, Iran Photos

The amazing minarets lit up at night in the ancient city of Yazd, Iran.


Stunning Windows, Iran Photos

Example of the beautiful stained glass window designs found in many of the old merchant houses around Iran.


Golestan Palace entrance, Iran

One of the many intricate and fabulously designed entrances at the Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran.


Tour guide in  Iran

A tourist guide posing for a shot. Very few people in Iran are camera shy!


Student, Iran Photos

Young student chatting with friends in a park in Iran.


Intricate tile mosaic, Iran

Mosaic tile pattern found in Iran.


Tourist with local girls, Iran

A tourist with young girls in a village in Iran.


Photographer, Iran

Photographer taking photos in Iran. Photography is popular in Iran.


Persopolis Ruins, Iran Photos

The well-preserved ruins of Persepolis near Shiraz in Iran.


Man cycling, Yazd, Iran

Man cycling to work through the streets of the old city of Yazd in Iran.


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