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Benefits of a sailing trip

Imagine sailing off into the sunset.  That is truly what a sailing holiday will be.  The upsides to such a trip are endless. Our yachts come with crew so you can sit back and enjoy the ride, learn as you go or become fully immersed within the team, the choice is yours.

Hoist your sails and set off to your dream destintion, the world really is your oyster.  By setting to the water to explore a region, you get to see all the nooks and crannies that are less explored.  And, what is more, you can pop inland and explore whenever you want.


Take control of your schedule; gently pootle along, taking in the beautiful scenery and letting the sun relax you into a sense of bliss.  Imagine dropping anchor wherever you chose, you pick the backdrop.  Lie back on deck, let the sun caress your skin; warming and relaxing.  If you get too warm why not take a dip?  Jump into the luscious inviting, blue sparkly water, you could even pop a snorkel on and view the exotic fish you share the water with or with sea turtles (on the Bahamas Sailing Adventure).  Then relax back on deck, let the warmth of the sun dry you whilst you lie back with a drink. 


This is what life is about, what better way to unwind away from the office.  It is a perfect opportunity to put down your phone, leave your laptop in its case, enjoy being at one with nature.  Wind is your power, watch the sail fill and taking you gliding silently and gracefully along the water.


Not all your time need be spent aboard, you can select the most idyllic place to drop anchor, to explore the white sand beaches or to venture inland to taste the local cuisine.  Whether you are looking for a day of walking around the local heritage or to explore a forest that you set eyes on from the water or perhaps meander through olive groves (available on our Amalfi Coast Sailing Adventure), a sailing holiday gives you this freedom.  You may want to hop on bicycles to whiz through cobbled streets or simply sit in a coffee shop and observe the culture from a window seat.


It need not all be still, and relaxing, you can trim the main sail and work with the crew to explore the waters.  Enjoy the exhilaration of crewing whilst in an idyllic region.  Imagine discovering hidden beaches under your own navigation.  Nature will be happy to test your skills and is likely to change the wind direction without warning meaning so watch the telltales (wind indicators) and adjust the sail accordingly.  Being part of a team and all aiming for the same goal can be incredibly uplifting, so give it a go; join the crew.


The attraction of a sailing holiday is that every day is unique.  You can drop your anchor wherever you please, watch the sunset whilst dangling your feet in the surrounding warm waters, fall asleep under the stars listening to the gentle lullaby of the water lapping the yacht.  Imagine the excitement of waking up to new scenery, watch the sun rise in the paradise you chose.


Sailing holidays allow people to relax and unwind in astonishingly beautiful surroundings.  It is also a fabulously luxurious way to explore and enjoy the great outdoors whilst always having a warm bed with you and no need to set up a tent!


Now you have the appetite for a sailing trip the only question is where and when will you go?  If you are unsure and need some help, please do call our team on 01728 862230 or drop us an email, we are always happy to help.


Live the dream. 

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