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Benefits of Small Group Travel

A fantastic way to explore the world...

There are many different ways and styles of travelling and seeing the world - joining small group adventure holidays, backpacking independently, overlanding, etc. - and each has its pros and cons. While every traveller has different priorities and how best to explore a new destination is always a very personal choice, we strongly believe that small group adventures are an incredible way to visit everywhere in the world and offer fantastic advantages for travellers of all ages and personalities!


Whilst there are some destinations that are relatively straightforward to travel through independently, there are certainly some more challenging destinations where we would highly recommend small group adventures. Whenever you venture off the beaten track to countries where visas are complicated, access is difficult, or the logistics of travelling around are difficult and would require more time than a limited holiday allows, then organised group travel is definitely the best route to follow.

For example - Packing in Casablanca, Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains and coastal Essaouira on a week's trip to Morocco would certainly be challenging without a knowledgeable guide coordinating it all, as would a journey through China (with its language challenges), or smoothly navigating the transport network of Central America.


Even when planning a trip to a destination that is less complicated to travel to independently, the sheer convenience of small group travel is a massive plus point! With an Imaginative Traveller trip, you will embark on an itinerary that has been carefully crafted by regional experts, and will have all the transport, accommodation and activities arranged by a knowledgeable guide or leader.

You'll also have access to our friendly and knowledgeable team of consultants, so that you can discuss every aspect of your trip with an expert on the area - including what to expect, what to pack, tips about the culture, and all other manner of queries. This can save you hours of research and deliberation! 


Small group adventures can provide some incredible experiences that are very difficult to replicate when travelling independently. A classic example is enjoying one of the many authentic homestays in a local community that are featured on several Imaginative Traveller trips. Another is heading out on an awe-inspiring safari in one of East Africa's incredible game reserves - a wonderful activity that is often very expensive to do on your own.

Perhaps the best aspect of group travel is that every experience you have, from exploring Europe's beautiful cities to watching the breathtaking sunset at Angkor Wat to witnessing the mighty power of the Iguazu Falls, will be shared with a group of like-minded travellers who you will get to know very well and often become life-long friends with.

As well as the experiences that you will have, another advantage of small group travel is the experiences that you will avoid! Dealing with the red tape, queueing, hours of waiting in bus stations, and arranging transport and accommodation - all these negative experiences can be avoided, allowing you more time to actually enjoy the country.


By selecting the best partners and suppliers, you can be assured that everything on an Imaginative Traveller small group adventure will be professionally arranged with excellent value for money, and we have great faith in all of the guides and leaders who run our trips.

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